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H2S Odors in Western Goleta - Regulatory Roles

Post Date:11/09/2017 12:00 PM

Several individuals have shared information that the odors in western Goleta were worse over the weekend.  APCD went out on Monday and located the source – an agricultural operation in Winchester Canyon that experienced a water main break, causing flooding and resulting in a stronger odor.  The H2S levels beyond the property line measured zero.

If you experience a stronger odor than normal, call 911 immediately. If you smell sulfur and experience nausea, headaches, tingling or numbness in the lips or fingers, move uphill to fresh air, seek medical attention from your primary healthcare provider, or again, call 911 for immediate assistance. H2S is heavier than air so getting up hill will reduce exposure. 

For 24/7 non-emergency assistance, the public can call County Dispatch at (805) 683-2724. If you smell sulfur and wish to file a complaint, contact APCD at or register complaints at (805) 961-8810. APCD inspectors are available to respond to complaints during normal business hours, excluding holidays. 

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