Neighborhood Services and Public Safety

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Our Services

The Neighborhood Services and Public Safety Department exists to operate the Successor Agency of the former Redevelopment Agency for the City of Goleta, provide Neighborhood Services, as well as provide Public Safety service continuity to our residents.

Our Divisions

The Department consists of three Divisions: Successor Agency of the former Redevelopment Agency for the City of Goleta, Neighborhood Services Division, and Public Safety.

Public Safety Donation Funding

The City through its unique relationship with Camino Real LLC and its Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Standing Committee (Public Safety Committee) has established a funding opportunity to assist public safety efforts in the Goleta area for the benefit of the community. The Notice of Availability (NOA) is accompanied by the funding application form which provides organizations with the ability to request funding for the purchase of public safety items/supplies/efforts (both documents can be downloaded below).

Notice of Availability—Public Safety Donation Funding 
Application—Public Safety Donation Funding