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Accessory Dwelling Units

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The City is in the process of developing an ordinance to regulate Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). ADUs are residential dwelling units which provide completely independent living facilities for one or more persons on a lot that already has a primary dwelling unit. Over the past two years, the state adopted several pieces of legislation in an effort to streamline the development of ADUs. The City adopted ADU regulations in 2003 (Ordinance No. 03-07). However, Ordinance No. 03-07 is not in effect as these regulations are now inconsistent with newly adopted state laws regarding ADUs. The City is now developing an ADU ordinance to reflect the requirements of state law.

Upcoming Workshops and Meetings 

City staff is currently working on the development of an ordinance based on feedback provided on November 13, 2017 (see below). Additional public workshops will be announced in the future.

Previous Workshops and Meetings

On November 13, the City's Planning Commission held a public workshop to discuss ADUs. The purpose of this workshop was to provide the Planning Commission and the public information on new state ADU requirements and to seek feedback from the Planning Commission and the public on a new ADU ordinance. The discussion focused on what size ADUs the City should allow, how the City should process applications for ADUs, and where on the lot the City should allow an ADU to be located. The staff report for the workshop can be found below:

On September 19, 2017, City Council provided staff with feedback regarding ADUs. At that meeting, the Council directed staff to commence work on a new ADU ordinance that would comply with state law. The staff report, presentation, and a video of this item can be found below:

Public Comment

Public comment on the matter should be emailed to Andy Newkirk ( Please note: All comments submitted will be posted on this page.