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Santa Barbara County Fire Recommends Fire Extinguisher Safety

Post Date:05/10/2010
  • SB County Fire - Public Service Announcement - Fire Extinguishers 5.10.10
  • Fire Facts:

    A fire has three elements: heat, oxygen and fuel. The heat starts it all by bringing any material to the point of igniting, a fuel source supports the burning, while the oxygen sustains the fire for spreading and doing greats damage. Choosing a fire extinguishers according to its usage is best determined by the classifications. Fire class 'A' is used for ordinary combustibles, the ' B' class is used for flammable liquids and gas, the class ' c' is for live electrical equipments, the ' d' class is solely for combustible metals and the ' K' class is for burning oils (ie. cooking oil).

    The National Fire Protection Association ( recommends an extinguisher for each floor. But no matter how many you have, nothing can substitute for the most important safety tool: a fire plan. Make sure everyone in the family knows how to get out in a hurry, where to meet outside, and how to call 911. Even if you think you've put out the fire on your own, don't cancel that emergency call! Leave it to the professionals to decide if it's really out.

    Visit for more information on fire safety!

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