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Ellwood Onshore Facility Lo-Cat Iron Solution Line Leak 05-31-10

Post Date:06/01/2010
At 3:40 a.m. on May 31, 2010, the 16" main Lo-Cat solution line came apart which resulted in the immediate shutdown of the Lo-Cat process. The Lo-Cat process uses a non-hazardous chelated iron solution to convert hydrogen sulfide from the Platform Holly gas stream to elemental sulfur. The location of the leak was the LoCat Unit, upstream of where the solution contacts the platform gas. As such, no platform gas was released to the atmosphere. The leak caused some of the solution to spray on to the fence, frontage road and some shrubbery. One fence line odor sensor was activated at <1 ppm. Venoco operators completed all required notifications and cleaned up the spilled material. Gas processing will remain shutdown until the piping has been repaired.
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