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Venoco Onshore Facility Waste Water Leak 01/16/11

Post Date:01/18/2011
On Sunday, January 16 at 0700, Venoco staff responding to a fence line alarm found a waste water leak near the waste water disposal area. Venoco staff responded to the fence line area with a hand held monitor and performed a facility walk-through with no detections on the monitor, however; water was observed bubbling out of ground near the methanol and septic area. Venoco operations staff shut off the waste water injection pumps and closed valves on the discharge pumps and the valve at the waste water injection well head (WD1) which stopped the leak. Operations made all agency notifications as required by the South Ellwood Field Emergency Action Plan (EAP). The water that bubbled to the surface was contained in a secondary containment basin and was collected and removed with a vacuum truck for proper disposal. Operations personnel excavated the leak site, found a small pinhole leak in the waste water injection line, and installed a Plidco clamp on the leak which is a permanent repair. The line’s protective wrap will be re-installed over the repair area prior to filling in the excavated area around the leak.
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