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Venoco SLC 421-2 Pier Wall Seepage 01/17/11

Post Date:01/19/2011

On Monday, January 17 at approximately 2:25 pm, Venoco staff and the 421-2 Emergency Pier Repair project (project) Environmental Quality Assurance Program (EQAP) monitor discovered an oily sheen on a puddle of water at the south side base of the Pier 421-2 caisson. The source of the puddle is a small water seep from rain and ocean water accumulation contained by the caisson. The seeping water contains oily residue estimated at less than 4 ounces. Venoco Operations attempted to stop the leak by applying a patch of a two part epoxy like material (Splash Zone Underwater Epoxy) that hardens in water; the repair efforts did not stop the leak completely and by 5:00 pm the tide was too high for personnel continue.

Venoco staff, the project EQAP monitor, and representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard and the State Office of Spill Prevention & Response were onsite Tuesday, January 18 at 2:00 pm to check on the seepage. Additional work on the patch was attempted to stop the continued seepage with limited success. The inspection team determined that the seepage was sufficiently small enough as to not represent a significant hazard at present and that completion of the pier repair project currently underway appeared the most practical and effective way to permanently stop the leak. Further, the inspection team directed Venoco to contact the National Response Center (NRC) to update the status of the incident case file called in on January 17th. The water seepage will be monitored by both Venoco staff and the project EQAP monitor as the pier repair project continues.

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