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Request for Public Records

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The goal of the City is to provide timely response to requests for any and all public records. Pursuant to the Public Records Act, the City will provide information within 10 days or advise you in writing of any exemption from disclosure or delay in providing the information and when it will be made available. Information that is readily available and not exempt, will be provided promptly. Requests that are not exempt from disclosure, that require research, retrieval, and reproduction will be provided at the earliest date possible, and in any case, within 24 days.

• 1st page $1.00, subsequent pages $0.20 per copy (for black and white).
• 1st page $1.00, subsequent pages $0.25 per copy (for color copies).
• Copies of maps and large documents will be based upon the copy charge for outside copy service.
• Audio tapes - $5.
• DVDs of meetings - $7.00 per DVD
• Campaign Reports and Economic Statements $0.10 per copy.

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