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Business License Program

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Temporary Payment Procedures Due to COVID19 closure

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, staff is working remotely and therefore there will be a significant delay in processing business licenses applications and renewals. It is encouraged that you email your applications and renewals and then you will be advised how to make a payment online. Any payments without renewal letters will cause an additional delay.


Doing Business in Goleta

All businesses (with a few exceptions) are required to have a  business license, which must be renewed annually or quarterly, depending on the type of license.

What is a Business License?

The carrying out of any business, trade, calling, profession or occupation requires a business license. This includes fixed businesses, transient business (carts, door-to-door sales), home-based businesses, and out of town businesses such as contractors and construction companies.

Street vending is NOT allowed within the City of Goleta and therefore cannot receive a business license.

Anyone doing business within City limits is required to have a business license.

Examples include: All storefronts (brick and mortar), Builders/Contractors, Consultants, Online Business. Non-profits do not need to pay for a license, but they do need to register via the General Business License.

Business License Contact Info

130 Cremona Dr. Suite 130
Goleta, CA 93117


For prices and requirements, click on the application. Note: Fees are not based on revenue.

General Business*

Firearms Dealer

Massage Establishment * If live scan is required, Live scan must be performed by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office

Massage Technician *If live scan is required, Live scan must be performed by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office

Taxicab Operator 

Tobacco Retailing

For Cannabis Business License Instructions & Application, please go to the Cannabis Business License page for further details.

*Some businesses require more than one application to be completed.

Application Process for First-Time Applicants:

Fill out an application found above or visit City Hall.

Submit your completed application and payment together to the City via mail or in person. Applications will not be processed until payment has been made and application has been reviewed for completeness.  All incomplete applications  will delay your approval process. Call the number above for any questions.

MAIL: Send check/money order AND application to City Hall: 
               Attn: Business License 
               130 Cremona Dr., Suite B, 
               Goleta, CA 93117

Make your check payable to "City of Goleta."

IN PERSON: Bring the application to City Hall with cash or check.

DISCLAIMER: on-line payments are not allowed for First-Time Applicants

Assuming the application is complete, your business license will be mailed to you in 4-8 weeks to the mailing address noted on the application. Once you receive it, post in a visible location.

Business license renewal notices are mailed out a month before the expiration date. If you have not received your renewal notice, please contact the business license department. It is the responsibility of the business to update the City of any address changes. A late penalty of $50 for annual licenses will be assessed for payments made past the 30 day grace period. LICENSES WILL NOT BE RENEWED UNTIL ALL FEES, PENALTIES, AND RENEWAL NOTICES ARE RECEIVED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business within City limits?
Please reference this map to type in your address (must accept Terms of Use). Please note that even if your store front is outside City of Goleta, you still must have a City of Goleta License to conduct any business within the City Limits.

Is my license transferable?
You cannot transfer your license if you sell your business.

How long does it take to get my business license?
As long as the application is complete and payment is made if full, approximately 30 business days.

Should I apply for an annual or quarterly license?
Annual licenses are best for most businesses. Quarterly licenses are for those businesses that plan to operate in Goleta for less than one year, such as a contractor or consultant.

What are the fees for a business license?
Fees vary based on the type of business and duration of the license. Please click on the application itself for fee amount.

I have a non-profit organization. Do I still need a business license?
Yes, but only as a form of registration. You must fill out a general business application and attach a copy your 501(c)3 in order to be exempt from the fees listed in box 14.

Will the City notify me when to renew my license?
Yes. However, it is your responsibility to stay current whether or not a renewal notice is received. Penalties are assessed for delinquent accounts, regardless of whether you receive a renewal notice or not. If you do NOT receive a notice by the expiration date of your Business License , contact the Business License immediately.

Do I need a D.B.A. or Fictitious Business Name? 
Yes. If your business name is anything other than your surname or has more than one owner. Contact the County of Santa Barbara Hall of Records. 

I lost my license. How can I get another copy?
Come into City Hall and pay $1 for a printed copy. A copy cannot be emailed.

I conduct business in several cities. Can I get just one license to do business in ALL of them?
Unfortunately, no. Each city has its own business license tax requirements and you must have a business license from the jurisdiction business is being conducted in.

I have a change to my mailing or business address. What should I do?
Print and fill out an application above with your current business license number and mark “Address Change” at the top and send it in. No fee is required.

I already have a Business License and want to open an additional business location do I need to apply for another Business License? 
Yes, for each property location you are required to have a separate Business License. 

How do I know if I'm in the correct zoning area?
Please contact the Planning & Environmental Review Department at 805-961-7543

What documents are required?
Please click on each application, the required documents are listed at the top of each. The general business application requires no other documents besides the application itself.

State Disability Access Fee

Effective January 1, 2013, State Mandated Disability Access Fee SB 1186 requires cities to impose a new $1.00 state fee on all business licenses issued. The fees will be used to increase disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements and to develop educational resources for businesses to facilitate compliance with federal and state disability laws.

On October 11, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law, AB 1379. This assembly bill amends section 4467 of the Government Code, relating to disability access. On and after January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2023 a $4.00 state fee will be imposed on any applicant for a local business license or a renewal and is to be collected by cities. If a business license or its equivalent is not issued by cities then the $4 fee is imposed on an applicant for a building permit.

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public. You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:

The updated State mandated fee of $4 is included on all business license applications and renewals.