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Cannabis Business License

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Information & Applications

Applicants should read the Cannabis Business License Information before proceeding.

Cannabis Business License

General Information
Information on Application Submittal and Review Process
Cannabis Business License Application
Cannabis Business License Application - Business Tax Registration Form (Click here for the Cannabis Tax page.) 
Cannabis Business License Application - Owner's Statement of Consent Form
Checklist and Review Criteria for Cannabis Business License Application

Other Information

Information about the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office Live Scan Operations is provided in the Live Scan Press Release (August 13, 2018).

Print this Live Scan Form (for Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office) for the required documentation as stated in the Cannabis Business License application. The Live Scan must be performed by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office.

For information on previous meetings, workshops, ordinances, please see Cannabis Regulations page.

For information on Fees: Fee Schedule page

Contact Information 

 Subject  Name Title  E-Mail  Phone Number  Comments
Cannabis Business License Vyto Adomaitis   Neighborhood Services & Public Safety Director   (805)961.7555  

Be sure to include your business name and 5-digit business license number if your application is already in process.

Cannabis Taxation Luke Rioux  Finance Director (805)562.5508


Approval of Cannabis Taxation we be pending based on the November 6, 2018 voter approval. Be sure to include your business name and 5-digit business license number if your application is already in process.

Planning Permit Application   N/A Planning Counter N/A (805)961.7543  


For information about Land Use Permits & Conditional Use Permits.

Per the information & application packet (above), schedule an appointment with Finance staff ( to accept the application and fee in at least three (3) days in advance. If you are missing any of the required documentation, the finance department will not accept the application or fee. The City accepts all major forms of payments, including cash but prefers certified checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, personal checks.


How long is my Cannabis Business License (CBL) good for?
All Cannabis Business Licenses will expire at the end of December. Ensure that you come in to renew your license if you haven't already received a renewal notice.

How can I renew my CBL?
All Cannabis Business Licenses are renewed by filling out the CBL application and checking the box "renewal."

If my business is outside City limits, do I still need a CBL?
Yes, but currently there are no exceptions for required documentation. Therefore, you are required to submit all documents as required in the application.

If I have multiple accessory uses, how much will it cost?
The first use is included in the stated price for New Application/Renewal, and then you must add $185 for each additional use.

What's the easiest way to reference my application/license?
Your license is issued a 5-digit ID which can be found on a receipt if you walked in to our main office to make a payment.

Can I get the Live Scan performed by another agency?
Per the application instructions, the Live Scan can only be performed by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office.

Can I use a Live Scan that was done a year ago?
No. It is not recommended that you use any documents that involve information with potential to change.

Can I get a business license before getting a planning permit?
Since the Cannabis Business License Fee is non-refundable, it is highly recommend that you verify with the Planning Department about any planning applications you need to submit first.

Some documents seem repetitive. Do I really have to have the same document twice?
Yes, because the binder is divided into different tabbed sections, a document should exist for each section.

The application is requesting a price list. What does this include?
This should include all prices for all products from any cannabis use you have selected on your application, include wholesale, retail etc.

Do "non-owners with a Financial Interest in the Business" need a live scan?