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Cannabis Tax Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find my tax rate?

 You are required to report Gross Receipts and pay the tax rate associated with each type of license for which you applied. See your business license certificate for your tax categories.

What if my tax rate is 0%?

All businesses operating within the City of Goleta's city limits are required to report "Gross Receipts," whether or not they have a tax amount due. For example, if 100% of your business comes from medicinal retail or deliveries, and your corresponding City of Goleta Cannabis Business License confirms you are engaged in this form of business, your tax rate may be 0%; however, you must confirm this by submitting the Cannabis Tax Form for each reporting quarter. "Gross Receipts" must be reported, but the tax applied will be 0%. 

When are my tax returns due?

















Due by April 30th

Due by July 30th

Due by October 30th

Due by January 30th



How can I pay my taxes?

You can mail your return along with a check made payable to "The City of Goleta". The return and payment must be postmarked by the last day of the month immediately after the quarter-end. Please refer to the table above for due dates.

You can also arrange to pay by cash. You must make an appointment by contacting the Finance Department at or call 805-961-7500 to schedule an appointment. Please be sure to allow time to make your payment prior to the due date. Please refer to the table above for due dates.


What if I don't pay my taxes on time?

The City of Goleta imposes a penalty of 25% in addition to the tax amount due if the payment is not received by 4:00 p.m. on the respective due date. There is a 25% "Additional Penalty" if the payment is late by 30 days or more.


What if I don't report my Gross Receipts?

That is fraud. All cannabis-related entities in the City of Goleta must report their gross receipts and remit any related tax to the City on a quarterly basis.