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Online Research - Journalism & Fake News

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How to Evaluate the News

 Unbiased News Sites


How to Evaluate the News

American Library Association: Evaluating Information    
Links to authoritative resources that will help you identify reliable sources of news and other information.

American Press Institute
Lists six questions that news consumers should ask in order to decide what media to trust. 

A Field Guide to “Fake News” And Other Information Disorders
Explores the use of digital methods to study false viral news, political memes, trolling practices, and their social life on line. International information.

International Federation of Library Associations: How to Spot Fake News
IFLA provides an info-graphic that lays out eight simple steps to assess the veracity of a news report.

On The Media: NPR Podcast 
This bi-weekly podcast critiques the week’s news stories, focusing on accuracy and balance. 

Pew Research Center: State of the News Media
Analysis about key sectors in the U.S. media industry.

The Poynter Institute: International Fact-Checking Network
A network that brings fact-checkers together and provides information on fake news.

Unbiased News Sites

Independent entity owned by its operators who investigate rumors.

Non-partisan, non-profit fact-checking site.

Independent fact-checking site.