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Atheist Sites Directory              
This directory includes most of the top atheist websites plus some useful small sites.

What is Atheism?         
American Atheists organization has information on activism, legislation, events, and more.


BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information and Education Network   
This beautiful site contains an elibrary, information on Buddhist studies, the Buddhazine, information on meditation, audio broadcasts and much, much more.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library   
This internet guide to Buddhism and Buddhist studies hasn’t been updated since 2016 but is still a useful source.

An online clearinghouse for Buddhist self-study and practices with an online library, loads of media, lists of centers and more.

Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Website   
A source for information on Tibet’s history, culture, recent news, and an extensive section on the Dalai Lama’s works and statements.


Bible Gateway        
Verse of the Day, daily Bible blog, articles, and more.

Catholic Net         
Site is in English and Spanish. News, church documents, hot topics, the Liturgical Year, Lay movements and more.

Catholic Online Saints & Angels   
Database of angels and saints, searchable by name and category.

The Holy See 
The official webpage for the Vatican. Information in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

ICLNet Guide to Early Church Documents 
A hypertext link to internet resources relating to the early church, including histories, writings of the apostolic fathers, creeds, canons, and chronologies.


Hindu Resources Online     
Magazine, editorials, news, education, Hindu basics, and more.


The Secular Web            
This site is produced by Internet Infidels, an non-profit group dedicated to the growth of a free thought website which promotes Metaphysical Naturalism, the view that there are no supernatural entities.


Islam 101   
An educational site on Islam, its way of life and culture.


Jewish Virtual Library        
Everything you need to know about Judaism.

Judaism 101         
An online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices, and customs.

Directory of Jewish and Israeli resources organized by subject.


Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts   
An comprehensive online full-text collection of folklore, fairytale, and fable characters and tropes.   Fun to browse.

Selected Chinese Myths and Fantasies
Small selection of mythic stories from ancient works to several dynasties.


American Philosophical Association     
Information about philosophy and philosophers.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy        
Searchable by name or subject, this peer-reviewed, scholarly site is fairly comprehensive.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work.


AllPsych Online: the Virtual Psychology Classroom              
This is one of the largest and most comprehensive psychology websites, referenced by hundreds of colleges and universities around the world.

American Psychological Association            
A useful resource for the professional which also includes articles written by experts for the layperson on topics of current interest and information on benefiting society and improving people’s lives.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Home Page
Gives the latest information in the field of mental health, as well as information in Spanish.


This site offers religious statistics (membership and congregation) indexed by location and name. Includes religious affiliation of political figures, movie and book characters, etc.

This metasite has a wide array of religious and spirituality links arranged by subject, such as:  Faith and Prayer, Health and Wellness, Entertainment, Love and Family and Newsletters.

Internet Sacred Text Archive           
Links to many of the world’s religions, traditions, and mysteries.

Pluralism Project      
Presents resources of use to researchers in the study of religion. There are case studies, religious centers and interfaith initiatives, films, timelines, research, best practices,  images, and projects.

Religious Studies Web Guide                
Focuses on free Internet resources ( bibliographies/indexes, library and archive catalogues, dictionaries/encyclopedias, e-texts and journals)  supporting the academic study of religion.


An excellent introduction to Sikhism, the culture, history and philosophy with excerpts in English of sacred texts and teachings.


Covenant of the Goddess          
An advocacy organization that seeks to foster cooperation amongst Wiccans and Witches; to secure legal protection; to provide education through outreach and to nurture its members through dialog and community.  

Witches' Voice               
Covers the basics of witchcraft, magick, holidays and pagan events, worldwide focus.