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Online Research - Science & Technical

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Earth Science
General Science

Time Zones/Tides
Weather & Meteorology


Asteroid and Comet Watch   
NASA provides the latest news on comets, asteroids, and near-earth objects.

International Meteor Organization
Site contains a list of meteor showers, photos, videos, advice on best viewing practices, observation information, glossary and much more.

NASA Homepage    
Aeronautics and space research information from the authority.

The Nine Planets    
Everything about planets in our solar system, including NASA images.  Still includes the original 9 planets.

Old Farmer's Almanac - Astronomy
Old Farmer's Almanac lists rise and set times for the sun, moon and planets, meteor showers, eclipse dates, full moons, and more.

Sky Information     
Griffith Observatory site includes Sky Report, Eclipses, Moon Phases, Moonrise / Set, Sunrise / Set, Sun's Path, Tide Tables, Astronomical Zodiac, and Planetary Alignments in 2000.  Provides a report every Wednesday of what you can observe in the skies over southern California.


Official site of the AAA.

Car and Driver                       
Buyer’s guide information and magazine articles.

Classic Car Database         
Specifications, directory of services, engine VIN codes, parts & services, dealers, museums & clubs for American automobiles (antique, classic, vintage and muscle cars) manufactured between 1910 and 1975.       
Insurance risk data and crash-test ratings involving new/used cars, vans, SUV’s and trucks back to the 1970’s.

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides         
Provides pricing guides for new and used cars and trucks. Includes road test results, information on recalled vehicles.   Search by make, model and type.

Kelley New and Used Cars    
The famous Kelley Blue Book’s car prices from the National edition.

NADA Guides     
New and used car pricing and car buying information and resources. In addition, the site offers free values for classic cars, motorcycles, antique motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, RVs, SUVs, trucks, minivans, and manufactured housing.

Road and Track                   
Articles and test drive evaluations.


Encyclopedia of Life   
An evolving online reference source that aims to document all the species known to humanity.

The History of Life   
University of California, Berkeley Museum of Paleontology collection that provides material on the history of life on earth, geology and evolution, as well as educational materials at the university, K-12, and general interest levels.


CalFlora Database     
California flora data, searchable by county, name, status, duration, lifeform, elevation.

National Plants Database    
United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service.


ATSDR ToxFAQs: Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry's alphabetical index of toxic substances and diseases.  The ATSDR protects communities from harmful health effects related to exposure to natural and man-made hazardous substances. 

Calculator's On-Line Center - Chemistry  
Contains over 22,000 calculators and spreadsheets, over 4,000 courses, lectures, manuals and handbooks and over 1,000 movies, videos, simulations and animations.

NIST - Chemistry WebBook    
Search by a chemical name, formula, molecular weight, or CAS Registry Number.

Periodic -Web Elements      
Complete table of elements, atomic weights, etc., clickable by element.

Toxic Release Inventory     
Information from the Environmental Protection Agency on toxic substances released in the environment as well as pollution prevention activities.  Can search by state.

Earth Science

Earth Observatory
Provides access to satellite imagery and scientific data about Earth.


Earthquake Track         
Up-to-the-minute seismographic information for California.

Southern California Seismic Center
Up-to-the-minute seismographic information. Includes maps and historical information.

USGS Earthquake Information         
United States Geological Survey latest earthquake information, including safety advice.

General Science

The Calculator Site   
Offers a variety of financial calculators, imperial to metric converters and other useful calculation and conversion tools for general use.

Good Calculators          
Good Calculators offers over 150 free calculators, such as loan, budget, engineering, financial foreign, sports, conversion, depreciation, and 3D Shape.

How Stuff Works      
This site offers simple, clear explanations of how things work , including science, home & garden, auto, tech, culture, money, lifestyle, entertainment, adventure, and animals.

The Last Word   
Everyday science questions and answers for the layman.

National Academies Press Free Downloadable PDF Books   
More than 8,500 free PDF versions of books published on sciences, engineering and medicine are available. 

National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics 
The NCSES collects statistical data on U.S. science and engineering enterprise.  Get information on research and development, the science and engineering workforce, U.S. competitiveness in science, engineering, technology, and R&D and the condition and progress of STEM education in the United States.

Old Farmer's Almanac     
Weather forecasts, astronomy, gardening, and other scientific information.

Sams Photofact Online Index                
Index to help identify and locate electronic schematics repair documentation by number for radios, TVs and other such items.

Science Reference Services      
From the Library of Congress, contains “Science Tracer Bullets” with histories and bibliographies, along with Science Reference Guides, and Internet Resources covering many science and technology topics. FirstGov for Science      
Searches over 60 databases and over 2,200 scientific websites to provide users with access to more than 200 million pages of authoritative federal science information including research and development results.


Global Volcanism Program - Volcanoes of the World
Encyclopedic site about volcanic eruptions. Keyword search, alphabetic and geographic indexes.

MTU Volcanoes Page    
Current and historic global volcanic activity.


Conversion Factors    
Many methods, comparisons and examples such as temperature, force, volume and symbols.

Wolfram Mathworld     
“The web’s most extensive mathematics resource”. A comprehensive, and interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers.


Calculator's On-Line Center - Part III Science/Physics and Astrophysics
Astro-Physical Units to Wave Interaction & Simulations. 

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty
CODATA Internationally recommended values of the Fundamental Physical Constants. Search for value by name (i.e. electron mass).

Times Zones/Tides

Official U.S. Time
Current time for U.S. time zones.

Tide Tables          
National Ocean Service’s current predictions.

Worldwide Time Zones                
Current times for locations world-wide.

Weather & Meteorology

National Weather Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The Weather Channel   
Breaking Weather, forecasts, trending news, explore your area, photo picks, and more.


California Department of Fish & Game      
Information on habitat conservation, threatened & endangered species, wildlife programs.

Endangered Species Home Page    
Information about threatened and endangered animal and plant species in the U. S.

The Virtual Frog          
Dissect a frog without having to touch one.