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FAQ - Circulation Policies

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What are the loan periods and fines for items?
When you have finished with your library materials, they can be dropped off at the Circulation Desk in the library building, or you can use the convenient book drops available outside of the library. All items except for Museum Passes can be borrowed for three weeks. Museum Passes go out for one week. For the fees for all library materials, click here.

May I return books that I checked out from the other libraries at this building?
You can return items to any library building, no matter where the material was checked out.  In addition, your Goleta Valley Library card can be used in every library in Black Gold (with certain restrictions determined by the individual libraries), and those materials can also be returned to our building.

Can I return checked-out materials after hours?
The library maintains drop-off boxes to return any items to the Library. The drop-off boxes are located in the parking lot of the Goleta Valley Library building and on N. Fairview Ave.

I placed a reserve on an item three weeks ago and I haven’t received it yet. Why not?
You will need to contact the Information Desk at the Library at 805-964-7878 or to obtain information regarding a reserve already placed. There are many reasons reserves are not filled immediately. If an item is new and/or popular, there may be many other reserves on it. Inter-library loans, even when filled quickly by another library, have to travel for a handful of days to arrive here. Out-of-county reserves take up to two or three weeks to arrive.      

I tried to renew an item online but the computer stopped me.  Why?
There are a few reasons why you may not renew an item. If someone else has a reserve on the item, you may not renew it. The maximum number of renewals may have been reached. For Black Gold, this number is 5. Inter-library loans from other library districts may have more or fewer maximum renewals. Please contact the Information Desk at the Library at 805-964-7878 or if you have a problem renewing on-line.    

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?
Since passwords are encrypted in patron records, the Circulation staff is unable to tell a patron what password had been chosen. However, if you come to the Circulation Desk with proper identification, we can delete whatever password was created and you can then enter a new one. Because of confidentiality policies, password issues can only be handled in person. 

How do I pay my fines online?

  • Log into your library card account on Black Gold
  • Click on the $ amount of fines you owe
  • Click the box to the left of each overdue item to pay that overdue fee
  • Click “Pay Fines Now”
  • Click “Continue”
  • You will be directed to the SmartPay system for using your Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card.  You will receive an email confirmation of the payment.  This service uses encrypted and secure E-commerce technology.