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FAQ - Computers & Technology

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Does the Library have computers I can use with Internet access?
Yes. There are a number of computers located within the Library to allow Internet access for adult, teen and children users. Please see a librarian to help you gain access to these machines.

Can I print from a computer?
Yes, all computers for public use are connected to a centralized printer which will guide you through the printing process. You can print in black and white. Applicable fees will be displayed. There is a Print Release station at the Circulation Desk where you can print and pay for your copies.

Can I print in color?  
Color printing can be done by using the public internet computers. Color copies can be made by using the scanner located in the reference area of both library buildings. Applicable fees will be displayed. Prints are to be picked up at the circulation desk.

Does the Library have wireless Internet access?
Yes. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the building, as well as in the outdoor patios. You do not need a password to use the wireless Internet.

Can I print from a laptop?
No. Currently the library has no direct connection from the wireless network to a printer. Documents saved to a flash drive or other media may be printed from our public computers. Please see a librarian to help you gain access to these machines.

May I type a document with word-processing software?
The library maintains several versions of word processing software.

May I use a CD or USB flash drive with your computers? 
The public computers in the library accept a variety of media. The Library sells USB drives at the Circulation Desk.

What other programs are available on public computers? 
We make every effort to keep our public computers current with the latest in word processing, spreadsheet, graphic and database applications. The programs are both commercial and open source.

Does the library have scanners for public use?
Scanners for the public are available in both Library buildings. Each scanner allows you to save documents to a variety of formats and offers different output options.