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Staff Picks - A Fan of "The Crown"? Try These

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The Uncommon Reader 
by Alan Bennett     FICTION
Obliged to borrow a book when her corgis stray into a mobile library, the Queen discovers a passion for reading, setting the palace upon its head and causing the royal head of Great Britain to question her role in the monarchy.

The Royal Nanny 
by Karen Harper      FICTION
Based on a seldom-told true story, in April of 1897, nanny Charlotte Bill arrives at the ancestral estate of the Duke and Duchess of York, where she cares for a generation of royals with steadfast loyalty and unconditional affection.

The Royal Secret 
by Lucinda Riley      FICTION
In this suspenseful and heart-pounding novel from New York Times bestselling author Lucinda Riley, an ambitious young journalist unravels a dangerous mystery that threatens to devastate the British monarchy.

The Gown 
by Jennifer Robson   FICTION
From an internationally bestselling author comes an enthralling historical novel about one of the most famous wedding dresses of the twentieth century—Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown—and the fascinating women who made it.


The Long Weekend   
by Adrian Tinniswood    305.52 TINNISWOOD
Uncovers the raucous and glamourous history of English country houses between World War I and World War II through the intrigues of hunting parties and grand balls held by the Astors, the Churchills and the Devonshires.

Behind the Palace Doors 
by Michael Farquhar     941.0099
Offers a secret history of the scandals, scheming and intrigue surrounding the British royal family, from the Henry VIII and his six wives to Queen Elizabeth II and the current tribe of rabble-rousing royals.

Princes at War: The Bitter Battle Inside Britain’s Royal Family in the Darkest Days of WWII
by Deborah Cadbury      941.084 C121
Examines the effects of the abdication of the Duke of Windsor, suspected of Nazi sympathies, on his brothers--the new King George, who feared being exposed as inadequate, and the dukes of Gloucester, who was thought stupid, and Kent, a playboy.

by Andrew Roberts    941.084 CHURCHILL
The story of Queen Elizabeth’s beloved advisor includes notes never before seen from King George VI’s diary.

The Real Wallis Simpson 
by Anna Pasternak     NEW 941.084 WINDSOR
Wallis Simpson is known as the woman at the center of the most scandalous love affair of the 20th century, but in this surprising new biography, bestselling author Anna Pasternak redeems a women wronged by history with new information revealed by those who were close to the couple—presenting Wallis as a convenient scapegoat to rid England of a king deemed unworthy to rule.

The Queen Mother 

by William Shawcross      941.08409 E432
An authorized profile of Elizabeth the Queen Mother covers such topics as her service to convalescing World War I soldiers, her refusal to leave London during the Blitz, and her relationships with daughter Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

The King’s Speech 
by Mark Logue   941.08409
Presents the life of the Australian speech therapist who helped the English king, George VI, overcome a lifelong speech disorder and become an eloquent leader of his people during the difficult days of World War II.  Made into a film.

That Woman 
by Anne Sebba   941.08409 W766
A full-scale portrait of the divorcée maligned for her marriage to the abdicated Edward VIII provides coverage of the impoverished early life that fueled her ambitions, theories about her alleged personality disorder and her posthumous status as a female-empowerment icon.

Wallis in Love 
by Andrew Morton   941.08409 WINDSOR
A portrait of the woman for whom Edward VIII infamously abdicated the British throne draws on journal entries, letters, and other previously unseen records to analyze her complex personality against the backdrop of Jazz Age London. 

Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate and the Throne 
by Christopher Andersen   941.085 ANDERSEN
Traces the family histories and controversies that have marked the lives of Queen Elizabeth, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duchess of Cambridge to illuminate their stark differences, their remarkable similarities, and their roles in an evolving monarchy. 

Prince Charles 
by Sally Bedell Smith    941.085 CHARLES also Book on CD
The best-selling author of Elizabeth the Queen presents a revelatory portrait of the crown royal that offers new insights into his lonely childhood, intellectual quests, entrepreneurial pursuits and marriages.

Remembering Diana    
941.085  DIANA
Published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, an elegant book showcases photographs from the National Geographic archive that document the royal’s most memorable moments in the spotlight and features reflections from those who knew her best.

Young Elizabeth: the Making of the Queen 
by Kate Williams       941.085  ELIZABETH
A lively and poignant biography of the young princess who, at the impressionable age of eleven, found that she was now heiress to the throne.

Prince Harry: The Inside Story 
by Duncan Larcombe       941.085 HENRY
Describes the life and antics of the most rebellious member of the British royal family, recounting his military career and love life and the public’s unending devotion to him.

Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret 
by Craig Brown        941.085 MARGARET
Combining interviews, parodies, dreams, parallel lives, diaries, announcements, lists, catalogues and essays on Princess Margaret, the author offers a kaleidoscopic experiment in biography and a meditation on fame and art, snobbery and deference, bohemia and high society.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family      
941.085 QUEEN
Traces the line of the Windsor House, profiling such events and people as Princess Margaret and Prince Charles, the wedding of Prince William and Kate, and the Queen's jubilees, providing details on the private and personal lives of the queen and her family.

The Queen 

by Catherine Ryan       941.085 ELIZABETH
Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 64 years, longer than any British monarch in history. During that time the Queen has endured the ups and downs that long life will bring. 

Elizabeth the Queen 
by Sally Bedell Smith    941.08509 E432, LP, &  Book on CD
A tribute to the life and enduring reign of Elizabeth II draws on numerous interviews and previously undisclosed documents to juxtapose the queen's public and private lives.

Her Majesty:  Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court 
by Robert Hardman         941.08509 E433
Celebrates the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee with the inside story of England's longest-reigning queen and her achievements. 

Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret 
by Anne Edwards        941.085
The story of two very different sisters.

William & Catherine 
by Andrew Morton        941.08509
Provides an inside look at Prince William and Kate Middleton, delving into their backgrounds, their meeting as students at the University of St Andrews, the ups and downs of their relationship, their engagement, and their wedding.

Prince Philip 
by Philip Eade      941.08509 P549
Chronicles the first thirty years of Prince Philip's life from his childhood in Greece, France, Nazi Germany, and Britain to his marriage to Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen and Di 
by Ingrid Seward         941.08509
A behind-the-gates journey into Buckingham, Balmoral, and Sandringham palaces reveals for the first time how the royals really live, including portraits of the English monarch and the late Princess Diana that illustrate a relationship unlike that of popular belief.

William & Harry 
by Ingrid Seward        941.08509
Presents a dual portrait of the young princes of England, describing the challenges of growing up in the spotlight, dealing with their parents' breakup and mother's tragic death, and their relationships with the royal family and each other.

Kate: The Future Queen 
by Katie Nicholl         941.08609 C363
Presents the story of Kate Middleton's early life, first romances, and love with Prince William.


Music and the Monarchy    
DVD 321.60941
Explores how Britain's monarchs, from Henry V through Elizabeth II have molded the story of British music.

The Queen’s Garden    
DVD 712.60942
With permission from Queen Elizabeth, this program covers a year in Buckingham Palace Garden, exploring the history and the natural history of this remarkable hidden royal treasure in the heart of London.

The Queen’s Palaces     
DVD 728.82094 E433
Fiona Bruce tells the fascinating stories behind the creation of Buckingham Palace, Windsor 
Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Leading experts share their knowledge of the Kings 
and Queens whose vision and taste left their mark on these exceptional buildings.

The King Speaks    
DVD 941.08409 G349
Through extensive archival footage, tells the true story of King George VI's struggle to 
overcome stuttering with his speech therapist, Lionel Logue.

Queen & Country   
DVD  941.08509
A profile of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, as she reaches her sixty-year milestone on the 

Queen Elizabeth   
DVD  941.08509
Follow Queen Elizabeth II's remarkable life, from her youth to her uncle Edward VIII's stunning abdication, and her father's coronation as King George VI. She defines the role of a modern monarch, leading the Royal Family and her subjects through the challenges of post-war reconstruction, decolonization, conflicts in South Africa, Northern Ireland and The Falklands, and the difficult days after Princess Diana's death.

Born to Royalty     
DVD 941.08609
Portrait of the life that lies ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's newly born son. 


Churchill’s Secret   
After Winston Churchill suffers a stroke during his second term as prime minister, his family and a nurse gather to help him heal and keep the secret from the British public.

The Darkest Hour    
During the early days of World War II, the fate of Western Europe hangs on the newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler, or fight on against incredible odds.

Into the Storm  
Prime Minister Churchill rallies his countrymen and allies to enter the fight against the Nazis.

King Charles III       
Adapted from the Tony-nominated stage play, this is an examination of contemporary Britain—part political thriller, part family drama. After the Queen’s death, Prince Charles finds himself wrestling his conscience over a bill to sign into law, resulting in a constitutional and political crisis.

The King’s Speech    
After inheriting the throne when his brother abdicates from it, King George VI hires a speaking coach to help him with a stuttering problem so he can confidently lead his kingdom.

The Queen      
Portrays the crisis in the British royal family immediately following the death of Princess Diana as Queen Elizabeth II reconciles her tradition-bound world with a modern Great Britain.

Royal Wives at War       
Examines the events surrounding the 1936 abdication of England's King Edward VIII to marry Wallis Simpson.