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Staff Picks - Art Heists

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There’s Something About St. Tropez (FICTION ADLER)                                   
by Elizabeth Adler                                                       
Brought together by a rental scam for which they arrive at the same small hotel, 5 international vacationers, including TV detective Mac Reilly and his girlfriend Sunny, are faced with an international art heist, a murder, and a haunting.

Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch (MYSTERY  ATHERTON)                        
by Nancy Atherton                                                             
When a famous artist relocates to Finch in the hopes of concealing her identity from a rabid fan base, Lori Shepherd investigates a riddle in a family diary suggesting that one of the artist's ancestors might have been a local witch.      

The Fine Art of Murder (MYSTERY  BAIN)
by Donald Bain
While vacationing in Italy, Jessica Fletcher agrees to help find the thieves who stole a masterwork painting off a church wall & killed an off-duty police officer.          

Guns in the Gallery (MYSTERY BRETT)         
by Simon Brett
When a private viewing of works by a controversial artist turns from lively to violent, Carole and Jude believe local police are wrong about a suicide ruling and privately investigate suspicions that a murder has taken place.     

Mrs. Pargeter’s Point of Honour (MYSTERY BRETT)         
by Simon Brett 
Hired by a terminally ill widow to return a collection of ill-gotten "Old Master" paintings to their original owners, Mrs. Pargeter is distressed to learn that the art has been pilfered again on the eve of their rightful return, this time by an amiable but slippery band of thieves.          

The Alpine Vengeance (MYSTERY DAHEIM)             
by Mary Daheim
Editor/publisher Emma Lord is in Alpine, Wash., revisiting an old crime to solve some new ones, including maple tree poaching and the shooting of an old friend, eccentric and reclusive artist Craig Laurentis.                 

Bannon Brothers: Trust (FICTION DAILEY)               
by Janet Dailey
With the two-million-dollar reward for the safe return of Ann Montgomery, who was kidnapped long ago, about to expire, R. J. Bannon, agreeing to take on this cold case, believes that talented local artist Erin Randall is Ann--a discovery that brings a legacy of lies and deception to a shocking climax.

The Bellini Card (FICTION GOODWIN)                    
by Jason Goodwin               
Sent to investigate rumors that a stolen art masterpiece has resurfaced in Venice, eunuch detective Yashim  delegates negotiations for the work's return to Polish ambassador Palewski, in an unexpectedly dangerous case with ties to the alluring Contessa d'Aspi d'Istria.

by Peter Helton             
Chris Honeysett's investigation into an art theft yields unexpected results when an old friend is found murdered and he finds himself fingered for the crime.    

Rainstone Fall (MYSTERY HELTON)
by Peter Helton             
Private investigator and artist Chris Honeycutt finds a simple surveillance job turning into more than he bargained for after a man is found dead in his car and he is contacted by kidnappers who insist he commit a burglary in exchange for the safe return of the victim.              

The World to Come (FICTION HORN)               
by Dara Horn               
Having stolen a million-dollar Marc Chagall masterpiece, thirty-year-old quiz-show writer Benjamin Ziskind and his twin sister work to evade the police and evaluate the eighty-year-old link between their family and the famous painting.

By the Light of the Moon (FICTION KOONTZ)                                                    
by Dean Koontz                                                         
Three traveling companions--artist Dylan O'Conner, his autistic brother Shep, and Jillian Jackson, a stand-up comic--are on the run, one step ahead of deadly pursuers, as they race to uncover the meaning of a vicious violation committed against them.

The Careful Use of Compliments (MYSTERY MCCALL SMITH)                           
by Alexander McCall Smith                                                   
Isabel Dalhousie attends an art auction and finds a painting attributed to a now-deceased artist that features a person whom the artist could only have  encountered after his supposed death, meaning that either the artwork is a forgery or the artist could still be alive.            

Burnt Sienna (FICTION MORRELL)                                                                      
by David Morrell                                                             
After taking a commission to paint a portrait of the wife of Derek Bellasar, a mysterious "businessman," former marine-turned-artist Chase Malone finds himself matching wits with one of the world's most dangerous arms dealers as he sets out to rescue Bellasar's current wife from the lethal fate meted out to her predecessors.

When the Thrill is Gone (MYSTERY MOSLEY)                
by Walter Mosley                                                         
Struggling with economic setbacks, family conflicts and his best friend's cancer diagnosis, P.I.  Leonid McGill takes the case of a beautiful young artist who spins a dubious tale about her reluctant marriage & threats on her life. 

Vanishing Point (MYSTERY MULLER)                                                   
by Marcia Muller                                                               
Sharon McCone is hired to investigate the 22-year-old cold-case of a housewife and artist who vanished inexplicably in the central part of California.            

Headhunters (FICTION NESBO)                                                                             
by Jo Nesbo                                                                   
Roger Brown is a headhunter and art thief living beyond his means and when he meets Clas Greve, a corporate candidate who reveals that he owns a priceless Rubens painting, Roger breaks into his Apartment, initiating a series of events which puts Roger's life in danger.

Giotto’s Hand (MYSTERY PEARS)                                                    
by Iain Pears                                                                   
Following a clue provided by a dying woman's confession, General Bottando of Rome's Art Theft Squad sets off on a world-wide search for the man he calls Giotto, whom he believes is responsible for many major heists.   

A Trick of the Light (MYSTERY PENNY)                                       
by Louise Penny                                                             
Investigating a murder at a solo artist's Quebec village home, Chief Inspector Gamache and his team encounter deceptive nuances in the art world that distort every clue with tales of duality and broken hearts.          

The Hypnotist (FICTION ROSE)                                                          
by M. J. Rose                                                           
Haunted by a 20-year old murder of a beautiful young painter, Lucian Glass works as a Special Agent with the FBI's Art Crime Team. Currently investigating a crazed art collector who has begun destroying prized masterworks, Glass is thrust into a bizarre hostage negotiation.

Ghost Hero (MYSTERY ROZAN)                                         
by S. J. Rozan                                                               
Investigating a rumor about new paintings by a famous Chinese artist who has been dead for 20 years, private investigator Lydia Chin and her partner, Bill Smith, discover that a new client is not who he claims to be.   

Stone Quarry (MYSTERY ROZAN)                                                                                                 
by S. J. Rozan                                                                     
Traveling upstate to recover stolen paintings for a reclusive artist, P.I.  Bill Smith soon finds his services needed when a hoodlum turns up dead and two teenagers disappear.    

The English Assassin (FICTION SILVA)                                                                
by Daniel Silva                                                                     
Sent to Zurich to restore a painting owned by a reclusive millionaire banker, art expert nd sometime Israeli agent Gabriel Allon discovers his would-be employer murdered and finds himself back in the espionage game.

The Black Sun (FICTION TWINING)                                                                   
by James Twining                                                                   
In the aftermath of several bizarre crimes, including three thefts and a grisly murder, Tom Kirk follows a trail of clues laid by SS secret agents throughout America and Europe in the final days of Nazi Germany that are believed to lead to a fabled treasure.

Death of an Artist (MYSTERY WILHELM)                                                 
by Kate Wilhelm                                                               
When a mercurial artist from their Oregon coastal resort town dies amid speculation about her latest husband's secret effort to sell her work, Marie, a widow, and her medical student granddaughter, Van, enlist the help of a former NYC cop to prove the artist has been murdered.            

Messenger of Truth (MYSTERY WINSPEAR)                                    
by Jacqueline Winspear                                                                 
In 1931 London, when controversial artist Nick Bassington-Hope falls to his death before the opening of an exhibition of his work at a Mayfair gallery and police refuse to investigate, his journalist sister Georgina enlists the aid of psychologist Maisie Dobbs to uncover the truth.