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Staff Picks - California Crime

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All titles are shelved in the mystery section alphabetically by the author's last name.

Die Laughing                                                                                               
by Steve Allen                                                                                                         
Just as Benny Whipple, a vaudeville veteran who died at age 93, is being buried, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows discover the body of murdered slapstick king Terry Parker, and with the upcoming Comedy Awards fast approaching, everyone in Hollywood is a suspect.

High Country                                                                                                           
by Nevada Barr                                                                                                     
When four young park employees at Yosemite National Park mysteriously vanish, Anna Pigeon is sent in to work undercover at the park's historical Ahwahnee Hotel to uncover the truth.

Blackheart Highway                                                                                             
by Richard Barre                                                                                             
Southern CA P.I. Wil Hardesty gets involved in the controversy swirling around recently paroled country music star Doc Whitney, convicted of killing his wife & daughters years ago.

The Prostitutes’ Ball                                                                                          
by Stephen J. Cannell                                                                                               
Investigating a triple murder at a Hollywood Hills mansion where another killing took place 25 years earlier, Detective Shane Scully and his new partner, Hitch, find the open-and-shut case complicated by the discovery of a spent bullet casing that does not match other evidence.

The Lady in the Lake; The Little Sister; The Long Goodbye; Playback                                                                             
by Raymond Chandler                                                                                 
Hardboiled Los Angeles private investigator Philip Marlowe marks his return in Chandler's four later novels.

The Blue Nowhere                                                                                              
by Jeffery Deaver                                                                                                         
A notorious computer hacker is cutting down people all over the Silicon Valley but L.A.P.D. Computer Crimes geek and former felon Wyatt Gillette is on the warpath hoping to bring him down.

Dove in the Window                                                                                         
by Earlene Fowler                                                                                                 
When photographer Shelby Johnson is murdered during the San Celina, California, Heritage Days celebration, her friend Benni Harper, dedicated quilter, rancher turned museum curator, and new wife of Police Chief Ortiz, searches for the killer.

Above the Law                                                                                                            
by J. F. Freedman                                                                                             
While investigating a high-profile case involving the death of a leader of a notorious drug-dealing gang, California D.A. Nora Ray begins to think that there are political forces trying to cover up the truth of what really took place.

M is for Malice                                                                                                       
by Sue Grafton                                                                                                             
At the request of the Malek family, owners of a multi-million-dollar construction company, private detective Kinsey Millhone is hired to trace the missing brother of the troubled and  embattled clan, eighteen years after he had vanished without a trace.

Deeper Than Dead                                                                                                 
by Tami Hoag                                                                                                                 
A California town is rocked to its core when four kids stumble upon a murder victim, drawing Agent Tony Mendez into a search for a psychopathic serial killer called the "See-No-Evil" killer.

The Dead Do Not Improve                                                                             
by Jay Kang                                                                                                                 
Targeted by an elaborate and violent scheme after the murder of his elderly neighbor, recent MFA recipient Philip Kim finds himself outmaneuvering laconic police officers, militant surfers, and aggressive creative writing students in a suddenly menacing San Francisco.             

Blindman’s Bluff                                                                                              
by Faye Kellerman                                                                                                 
The stalwart L. A.  investigative team of Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus tackles a case that has unsettling repercussions for their own lives.

Blood Orange                                                                                                             
by Karen Keskinen                                                                                             
Investigating the murder of a teenage girl on behalf of the victim's aunt as well as old flame Santa Barbara deputy sheriff Mike Dawson, private investigator Jaymie Zarlin identifies multiple suspects only to be entangled in a twisted conspiracy involving wealthy and powerful adversaries.              

To Play the Fool                                                                                         
by Laurie R. King                                                                                                 
Kate Martinelli returns in a story of the San Francisco homeless and Brother Erasmus, a leader who brings joy into desolate lives--and could also be a murderer.

by John Lescroart                 
His career derailed by the vengeful billionaire Curtlee family for his part in convicting one of their number for murder, former homicide detective Abe Glitsky learns that the killer has won a retrial at the same time a star witness has been murdered. 

The Goodbye Look                                                                                          
by Ross Macdonald   
In searching for a gun used to commit two murders fifteen years apart, Lew Archer is introduced to California hobos and the nouveau riche in his attempt to solve the murder of another private eye.

A Decadent Way to Die                                                                             
by G. A. McKevett     
When Helene Strauss, world-famous creator of the Helene doll, has several suspicious brushes with death, PI Savannah Reid is hired to find out who wants Helene dead and discovers that there are more than a few bad apples on Helene's family tree.

Black Betty                                                                                                                 
by Walter Mosley
Detective Easy Rawlins returns in a mystery set in 1961 Los Angeles as Easy accepts a job searching for a beautiful woman nicknamed "Black Betty," who works as a housekeeper in Beverly Hills.

Both Ends of the Night                                                                                  
by Marcia Muller
Flight instructor Matty is murdered after she confides in private eye Sharon McCone that her boyfriend, John Seabrook, is missing, and Sharon's search for the killer leads her to a frozen wilderness.

Cat Bearing Gifts                                                                                          
by Shirley Rousseau Murphy   
In San Francisco, a car crash, a missing treasure, a dead thief, and a suspicious blond divorcee have feline P.I. Joe Grey and his four-legged cohorts clawing for justice.       

The Boyfriend                                                                                                         
by Thomas Perry   
Retired LAPD cop Jack Till must delve into the shadowy world of the online escort business to find a serial killer who hops from city to city.   

The Hidden                                                                                                                     
by Bill Pronzini                     
A young couple retreat to a friend's remote California coastal cottage to work on their marital problems amidst a fierce winter storm and a series of random murders.

by Bill Pronzini   
Hired by the mother of a college student who, along with her boyfriend, vanished during a trip from Oregon to San Francisco, the "Nameless Detective" journeys into the wilderness of northern California and stumbles into an evil web of silence and fear.