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Staff Picks - Hollywood Fiction

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From Barcelona With Love
by Elizabeth Adler
Two years after popular singer Bibi disappears amid rumors of her lover's murder, the celebrity's daughter implores Mac and Sunny for help, compelling the duo to finally solve the high-profile case.

by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
Learning that she is the sole heir to the fortune of a legendary Hollywood movie star, Cassie Danvers, mourning the loss of her grandmother, investigates the truth in her prim grandmother's past and discovers secrets involving blackmail, murder, betrayal, and broken hearts.

Play It as It Lays 
by Joan Didion
Maria Wyeth, actress, mother, divorced wife, has grown tired and desensitized to the fakeness and pain caused by the Hollywood establishment.

Daniel Martin 
by John Fowles 
Returning to England at the request of an old friend dying of cancer, playwright Daniel Martin is reunited with his ex-wife and her sister and attempts to rectify his past and shape his future.

Mission to Paris
by Alan Furst 
Arriving in Paris on the eve of the Munich Appeasement in 1938, Hollywood star Frederic Stahl is unwittingly entangled in the region's shifting political currents when he discovers that his latest film is linked to the destinies of fascists, German Nazis and Hollywood publicists.

The Sunshine Sisters
by Jane Green
Receiving a sobering health diagnosis, a once-uninvolved mother-turned-Hollywood star calls her estranged adult daughters home in the hopes of ending her life, triggering old rivalries and secret fears that challenge family bonds.

They’re Watching
by Gregg Hurwitz 
Struggling with setbacks in his marriage and Hollywood ambitions, Patrick Davis begins receiving mysterious DVDs that reveal that he and his wife are being stalked, a situation that is thrown into further turmoil by a mysterious e-mail offer of assistance.

by Joseph Kanon 
Having returned from war-torn Europe in 1945 and discovered the mysterious death of his brother, Daniel, Ben Collier delves into the seedy world of the movie business to discover the truth behind Daniel's death.

I’ll Take You There
by Wally Lamb
Film scholar Felix Funicello from Wishin' and Hopin' is confronted by the ghost of a Hollywood silent film director who invites him to revisit scenes from his past and gain insights into the lives of three women who indelibly shaped his life.

Be Cool 
by Elmore Leonard
Chili Palmer plunges into the seediest, most dangerous corners of Hollywood's music business. 

Woman No. 17
by Edan Lepucki
Hiring a live-in nanny to attend her family's needs while she attempts to finish writing her book, Lady begins questioning the young woman's agenda when the latter instantly connects with the family and begins acting in suspicious ways.

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper
by Hilary Liftin
When her marriage to a Hollywood mega-star is over, actress Lizzie Pepper, America's Girl Next Door, decides to tell her side of the story and, in doing so, realizes that her romance wasn't what she and everyone else thought, revealing a side of fame that her fans have never seen before.

by Fern Michaels
Toots Loudenberry and her 3 best friends find themselves navigating Hollywood's seedier side when a young starlet goes missing after last being seen with lawyer Chris Clay, the would-be beau of Toots' daughter, Abby. 

The Scoop 
by Fern Michaels
When the gossip newspaper where her daughter works is in danger of closing down, Toots calls on three trusted friends to help her pull some strings to keep her daughter employed among Hollywood's elite.

Plus One
by Christopher Noxon
Humorously follows a stay-at-home dad and his rising star TV writer wife in Hollywood as they try to navigate a newly high-profile Los Angeles lifestyle and he deals with becoming his wife's "plus one" at a variety of lavish parties and events.

Ten Days in the Hills
by Jane Smiley 
A group of friends and family gathers in the Hollywood hills for ten days of memories and gossip, including a director, his lover, his ex-wife, a film star, and their daughter.

One Day at a Time
by Danielle Steel
Follows the lives and fortunes of Coco Barrington and her mother, a best-selling author, and her sister, Jane, a successful Hollywood producer, as they approach new relationships and important changes in their lives.

According to a Source
by Abby Stern
A club reporter for a celebrity news website pursues exclusive stories about the glitz and grit of Hollywood before her own life becomes intertwined in a public scandal that may cost her everything.

Children of Light
by Robert Stone
Screenwriter Gordon Walker and actress Lee Verger, reunited on the coast of Mexico, resume a ritual struggle of desire, mutual assistance, and inevitable urges to self-destruction.

Shortcut Man 
by P. G. Sturges 
After he realizes that his girlfriend is actually the wife of a crime-connected porn producer, shady private eye Dick Henry must figure out a way to pin the affair on someone else before he gets killed.

All the Stars in the Heavens
By Adriana Trigiani
Reimagines the career of actress Loretta Young, tracing the decades she shared with her assistant Alda, a former nun, as they face successes, scandals, and obstacles that threatened their bond.  

Harbor Nocturne 
by Joseph Wambaugh
A young longshoreman's delivery of a Mexican dancer from the busy harbor of San Pedro to a Hollywood nightclub changes both of their lives when they encounter individuals on opposing sides of the law, including surfer cops Flotsam and Jetsam, aspiring actor Hollywood Nate and young Britney Small. See also by Joseph Wambaugh:
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The Loved One 
by Evelyn Waugh
Mr. Joyboy, the embalmer at a full-service funeral home for Hollywood's departed greats, and Aimee Thanatogenos, the crematorium cosmetician, find their romance complicated with the appearance of a young English poet.

The Next Best Thing 
by Jennifer Weiner
Believing she is realizing her dreams when her sitcom is bought, television writer Ruth Saunders finds her happiness threatened by demanding actors and executives as well as an unrequited crush on her boss and her septuagenarian grandmother's upcoming wedding.

The Day of the Locust
by Nathanael West
Following the tale of Tod Hackett - a brilliant young artist who is brought to an LA studio as a set designer - the book is an exposure of the sordid reality beneath the surface of Hollywood.

The Cigarette Girl
by Carol Wolper
The author of action-packed screenplays, twenty-eight-year-old Elizabeth West searches for love as she struggles to cope with her cell-phone dependency, chronic attraction to dangerous men, and the Hollywood mating game.

Beverly Hills Dead
by Stuart Woods
A top-ranking executive of a Hollywood movie studio finds his starlet wife and associates under investigation when a screenwriter friend is targeted by witch hunters from the House Un-American Activities Committee.

L. A. Times  
by Stuart Woods
Newly created as Michael Vincent, small-time New York hood Vinnie makes it big in Hollywood, but his past soon catches up with him.

The Lawgiver  
by Herman Wouk
Margo Solovei, a brilliant young writer-director has rejected her rabbinical father's strict Jewish upbringing to pursue a career in the arts. When an Australian multi-billionaire promises to finance a movie about Moses if the script meets certain standards, Margo does everything she can to land the job.