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Staff Picks - Hollywood Mysteries

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Die Laughing
by Steve Allen
Just as Benny Whipple, a vaudeville veteran who died at age ninety-three, is being buried, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows discover the body of murdered slapstick king Terry Parker, and with the upcoming Comedy Awards fast approaching, everyone in Hollywood is a suspect.

Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark
by Tilly Bagshaw
When three killings, nearly identical to his father's, take place across the globe, Matt Daley discovers that the evidence points to a woman the police call the Angel of Death who targets elderly millionaires and is always one step ahead of the law.

Little Sister
by Raymond Chandler
Philip Marlowe is on a missing person case that takes him through the seedy underbelly of Hollywood. Chandler’s disdain for everything Hollywood comes through clearly.

Big City, Bad Blood
by Sean Chercover
Reluctantly hiring on as a bodyguard to a Hollywood locations manager who is testifying as a prosecution witness against a suspected mobster, private detective Ray Dudgeon is forced into an investigation with corrupt ties to Washington.

The Cinderella Murder
by Mary Higgins Clark
In her new reality television series that explores unsolved crimes, Laurie Moran brings together the friends and family of a murdered UCLA student to see what new evidence from the cold case comes to light.

The Silent Spirit
by Margaret Coel
Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden investigate the murder of an Arapaho Indian from the Wind River Reservation, who was in Hollywood trying to uncover the mystery of his great-grandfather's disappearance while filming a 1923 Western.

The Brass Verdict
by Michael Connelly
Hoping to revitalize his career when he inherits a high-profile defense case after a fellow lawyer is murdered, Mickey Haller discovers that he may be the next target and reluctantly teams up with LAPD detective Harry Bosch to find the killer.

Trouble in Mind
by Jeffrey Deaver
Twelve short stories feature suspenseful tales about a loyal housekeeper who tries to find out who killed her boss and a washed-up Hollywood actor who takes a huge risk.

City of Echoes
by Robert Ellis
Investigating a violent case on his first night working homicide in Los Angeles, detective Matt Jones and his partner, Denny Cabrera, discover links to a ritualized murder from months earlier and evidence of corruption.

Murder Season
by Robert Ellis
Assigned to investigate a double murder at an A-list celebrity club, LAPD detective Lena Gamble tackles complications in the form of one victim's Hollywood connections and the other victim's recent acquittal for murder.

by Loren D. Estleman
Hollywood film detective and film archivist Valentino becomes embroiled in the murder of a blackmailer in this wacky comedic murder romp.

by Loren D. Estleman
When his former actress friend is murdered at a crime scene staged to look the way Marilyn Monroe was found, sometime film detective Valentino is targeted with suspicion by police detective Ray Padilla, who asks for Valentino's help when another former actress is killed.

by Carolyn Haines
Heading for Hollywood to take a shot at film stardom, Southern belle Sarah Booth Delaney gets a starring role in the racy remake of the movie "Body Heat," but while filming on location in Costa Rica, the production is plagued by mysterious "accidents."

Behind the Seams
by Betty Hechtman
The Tarzana Hookers investigate the poisoning of a television producer to clear the name of CeeCee's production assistant niece.

Swag Bags and Swindlers
by Dorothy Howell
When her career goals hang on a Hollywood retirement home bash she is organizing, party planner and full-time fashionista Haley Randolph works to solve the murder of the home's assistant director quietly in spite of a long list of suspects.

The Mercedes Coffin
by Faye Kellerman
A cold case turns red hot, threatening to consume everyone it touches, when a billionaire genius sees similarities between the fifteen-years-ago execution style murder of her favorite teacher, and the recent murder of a Hollywood music producer.

Death of a Neighborhood Witch
by Laura Levine
When Cryptessa Muldoon, a Hollywood has-been who spends her days making enemies with everyone on the street, is found murdered on Halloween night, Jaine Austen, to prove her own innocence, must unmask a killer among a neighborhood filled with suspects.

Another Thing to Fall
by Laura Lippman
When the production of a Hollywood film in Baltimore brings mayhem and murder to the area, private investigator Tess Monaghan finds her job complicated by the acting skills of her numerous suspects.

Butchers Hill
by Laura Lippman
When the production of a Hollywood film in Baltimore brings mayhem and murder to the area, private investigator Tess Monaghan finds her job complicated by the acting skills of her numerous suspects.

by Sara Paretsky
V.I. Warshawski travels to Kansas to investigate the disappearances of a young film student and a faded Hollywood star, but long-simmering racial tensions stir up more mysteries as the body count rises.

by Robert B. Parker
When a Hollywood-based TV series schedules filming in Boston, Spenser smells trouble. When he signs up to protect the show's star, Jill Joyce, he knows it's on its way.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much
by Amanda Quick
Discovering the body of a beautiful actress at the bottom of a pool at an exclusive California hotel, rookie reporter Irene Glasson investigates the victim's secret about an up-and-coming man and becomes drawn to a once-famous master magician whose career was mysteriously cut short.

The Prince of Beverly Hills
by Stuart Woods
Demoted after a run-in with a superior, Rick Barron, a detective with the Beverly Hills police force, lands a job with the security detail at Centurion Pictures, and uncovers a blackmail scheme that threatens the studio's business.

Cast the First Stone
By James W. Ziskin
In 1962, reporter Ellie Stone arrives in Los Angeles to interview actor Tony Eberle, a local boy who’s made good, only to discover that he has disappeared and, to find the real story, she must separate the lies from the truth in a glittering world where everyone puts on a show.