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Staff Picks - Salute to Veterans

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The Intruders                         
by Stephen Coonts
Assigned to a Marine unit on an aircraft carrier, Navy Lt. Jake Grafton must make decisions about his future, both his career and his relationship with Callie, his girlfriend.

The Red Badge of Courage 
by Stephen Crane
As he faces battle in the Civil War for the first time, a young Union soldier gains maturity and some peace of mind as he comes to grips with his conflicting emotions about war.

Up Country   
by Nelson DeMille
Retired Army investigator Paul Brenner is called back into service to investigate the death of a soldier thirty years earlier in Vietnam--a case that stirs up many unpleasant memories.

Cold Mountain   
by Charles Frazier
The impact of the Civil War on lovers. Inman is not the man he used to be, as wounded in battle he slowly makes his way home to North Carolina. His sweetheart, Ada, too has changed, no longer a flighty belle but a hard-working farm woman. Will love be the same?

Flood of Fire   
by Amitav Ghosh
Follows Kesri Singh, an East India Company soldier, on his 1839 journey to Hong Kong after the British colonial government assembles an expeditionary force to end a costly embargo on the eve of the Opium Wars.

The Ends of the Earth             
by Robert Goddard
Hoping to uncover the whole truth behind his British diplomat father’s suspicious death, a World War I flying ace turned secret service operative travels to Tokyo to take down the German spymaster he believes to be responsible.

The Red Line   
by Walt Gragg
When a resurgent Russia attacks Germany, sparking World War III, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant George O'Neill must reestablish communication links severed by hostile forces in order to stop the war and save the world.

Retreat, Hell!   
by W.E.B. Griffin
In the fall of 1950, the U.S. Marines confront an uphill battle as they make their way from Inchon across the 38th parallel, dealing with the full force of Chinese military might and the disappearance of an officer's son behind enemy lines.

by Joseph Heller
Depicts the struggles of a U.S. airman attempting to survive the lunacy and depravity of a World War II base. This satirical, historical novel is set during the later stages of World War II from 1944 onwards.

A Farewell to Arms     
by Ernest Hemingway
A tragic wartime romance set against the brutal and chaotic backdrop of World War I is the classic story of a volunteer ambulance driver wounded on the Italian front and the English nurse he loves and leaves behind.

by Laird Hunt
Follows the experiences of Ash Thompson, who becomes a folk hero after she abandons her farmer husband and disguises herself as a man to go fight for the South during the Civil War.

The Naked and the Dead                   
by Norman Mailer
Portrays the contrasting personalities and nostalgic reminiscences of a group of World War II American soldiers engaged in a combat operation against the Japanese.

by Karl Marlantes
Lieutenant Waino Mellas and his fellow Marines venture into the mountain jungle of Vietnam as boys and fight their way into manhood, confronting external obstacles as well as racial tension, competing ambitions, and underhanded officers.

The Things They Carried         
by Tim O’Brien
Heroic young men carry the emotional weight of their lives to war in Vietnam in a patchwork account of a modern journey into the heart of darkness.

Yellow Birds     
by Kevin Powers
In the midst of a bloody battle in the Iraq War, two soldiers, bound together since basic training, do everything to protect each other from both outside enemies and the internal struggles that come from constant danger.

The Valley       
by John Renehan
Summoned to a formidable region in Afghanistan to help defend one of the country's most dangerous outposts, a young Army lieutenant confronts the realities of a traumatized platoon overwhelmed by regional violence and dark secrets.

The Frozen Hours         
by Jeff Shaara
In a story told from the viewpoints of soldiers and leaders on both sides of the conflict, outnumbered American troops face both advancing Chinese forces and overwhelmingly brutal weather conditions in North Korea at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

War and Peace                       
by Leo Tolstoy
The monumental Russian classic reflects the life and times of Russian society during the Napoleonic War.

Ordinary Heroes   
by Scott Turow
Stewart Dubinsky plunges into the mystery of his family's secret history when he discovers his deceased father's wartime letters to his former fiancé, revealing his court-martial and imprisonment during World World II.

War and Remembrance         
by Herman Wouk
Navy captain Victor Henry and his sons Warren and Byron join the fight against the Nazis and the Japanese. Meanwhile Byron’s Jewish wife and son are stranded in Europe and sent to a prison camp.


Undaunted: The Real Story of America’s Servicewomen in Today’s Military (355.00925 B578)
by Tanya Biank
Since 9/11, more than 240,000 women have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan--more than 140 have died there, and they currently make up 14% of the total active-duty forces. Despite advances, today's servicewomen are constantly pressed to prove themselves, to overcome challenges men never face, and to put the military mission ahead of all other aspects of their lives, particularly marriage and motherhood.

Breach of Trust (355.00973 B117)
by Andrew J. Bacevich
Taking stock of the separation between Americans and their military throughout history, this thought-provoking book urges Americans to restore the principle that responsibility for defending the country should rest with its citizens or face the prospect of endless war and moral and fiscal bankruptcy.

Those Who Have Born the Battle (355.00973 W933)
by James Edward Wright
A history of America's complicated relationship with its armed forces, cites key changes in warfare strategy and the regard of veterans while explaining how the military has become less representative of American society.

Twilight Warriors (355.033 KITFIELD)
by James Kitfield
Describes how Stanley McChrystal and an interagency team of other brilliant innovators in the U.S. military, Special Forces, and the intelligence and law enforcement communities have joined forces to innovate a new hybrid method of warfighting.

Viper Pilot (358.40092 H232)
by Dan Hampton
One of the most decorated F-16 pilots in American history, who was one of the "Wild Weasels"--a select cadre of gutsy fighters who flew into hostile territory first to draw enemy fire--shares gripping stories of rescue missions and combat.

Thank You for Your Service (362.86097 F499)
by David Finkel
An award-winning staff writer for The Washington Post discusses the hardships faced by soldiers who have come home from service by following the men of the 2-16 Infantry Battalion.

Charlie Mike (363.34576 K643)
by Joe Klein
Traces how two veterans of the wars in the Middle East organized ways that injured veterans could continue to serve, sharing inspiring stories of disaster relief in Haiti and post-Sandy New York as well as tales of support for newly returned and traumatized vets.

Armageddon in Retrospect (818.54)
by Kurt Vonnegut
Twelve previously unpublished writings on war and peace include such pieces as a story about the first-meal fantasies of three soldiers, and a meditation on the impossibility of shielding children from the temptations of violence.

The Iliad (883.01)
by Homer
Recounts the triumphs and defeats of the Greek and Trojan heroes during the Trojan War and the destruction of Troy by combined Greek armies.

Went the Day Well? (940.2742 C891)
by David Crane
Chronicles the battle of Waterloo through interwoven narratives drawn from diaries, letters, and reminiscences, of participants and witnesses.

Flyboys (940.5405)
by James Bradley
Relates the story of eight American airmen who were shot down over Chichi Jima during World War II, one of whom was rescued and later became president of the United States, and the other seven who were captured by Japanese troops.

The Liberator (940.54127 S736)
by Alex Kershaw
Traces the achievements of the World War II regiments under Felix Sparks, documenting their clashes with Hitler's elite troops & their heroic liberation of Dachau.

The Coldest War (951.B812)
by James Brady
A personal account of the Korean War, as chronicled by a young Marine lieutenant, describes the harsh realities of war, the pressures of command, the struggle for survival, and the tragic impact of the war on all Americans.

Such Men as These (951.90424)
by David Sears
Tells the true-life stories of the Navy pilots who inspired James Michener's classic, "The Bridges at Toko-Ri."

Top Dog (956.70443 G646)
by Maria Goodavage
Presents the story of K-9 Marine hero Lucca, and the handlers who fought alongside her through two bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soldier Girls (956.70443 T519)
by Helen Thorpe
Describes the experiences of 3 women soldiers deployed to Afghanistan & Iraq to reveal how their military service has affected their friendship, personal lives and families.

By Honor Bound (959.704 NORRIS)
by Tom Norris
The story of Tom Norris and Mike Thornton, two living American heroes who grew up very differently, entered military service and the Navy SEAL teams for vastly different reasons, and were thrown together for a single combat mission--a mission that would define their lives from that day forward.

Dear America (959.7043 D285)
A collection of letters, poems, and petitions from the front, written mostly by infantrymen to their families and friends, evokes the emotions of an intense longing for home, fear, hope, grief, and anger aroused by the Vietnam War.   

What it is Like to Go to War (959.70434 M347)
by Karl Marlantes
Offers insight into the combat experience, drawing on the author's background as a decorated Vietnam War veteran to raise awareness about how inadequately troops are prepared for battle-related psychological and spiritual trauma.

When We Walked Above the Clouds (959.70438 B261)
by H. Lee Barnes
Follows the day-to-day life of a Green Beret as reported by H. Lee Barnes, from the Dominic Republic civil war of 1965 to Vietnam.

A Pocket History of the Civil War (973.7)
by Martin F. Graham
A concise, easy-to-reference guide to fundamental information about the Civil War.