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Staff Picks - World War I (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

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Those Who Have Borne the Battle (355.00973 W933)
by James Edward Wright
A history of America's complicated relationship with its armed forces, cites key changes in warfare strategy and the regard of veterans while explaining how the military has become less representative of American society.

Radium Girls (363.179 MOORE)
by Kate Moore
Recounts the struggles of hundreds of women who were exposed to radium while working factory jobs during World War I, describing how they were misled by their employers and became embroiled in a battle for workers' rights.

Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest (796.52209 M255)
By Wade Davis
Describes British climbers' attempts to scale Mount Everest in the early 1920s, discussing such topics as the role of imperial ambition in the expedition and the way in which the ascent reflected England's post-World War I redemption efforts.

World War I: The Definitive Visual History (940.303 G762)
By R. G. Grant
This visual guide to the first World War features illustrated timelines, maps, and first-hand accounts of the action to bring to life the world leaders, key players and soldiers who fought the battles with the weapons and new technologies that changed history.

The Beauty and the Sorrow (940.30922)
by Peter Englund
A revelatory narrative history of World War I explores its impact on everyday men and women, drawing on diaries and letters by 20 individuals from various countries to present an international mosaic of less-represented perspectives.

Catastrophe 1914 (940.311 H358)
by Max Hastings
A new history of the outbreak of World War I: the dramatic stretch from the breakdown of diplomacy to the battles that marked the frenzied first year before the war bogged down in the trenches.

To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918 (940.341)
by Adam Hochschild
Presents a history of World War I, focusing on the moral conflict between the proponents of the war and its critics in Great Britain.

Lawrence in Arabia (940.41241 L423)
by Scott Anderson,
A chronicle of World War I's Arab Revolt explores the pivotal roles of a small group of adventurers and low-level officers who orchestrated a secret effort to control the Middle East.

Sergeant Stubby (940.41273 C754)
by Ann Bausum
Presents the story of famous World War I service dog Sergeant Stubby, from his adoption as a stray by Private Bob Conroy to the inspiring front-line contributions that earned special awards.

Dark Invasion: 1915 (940.48673 B658)
by Howard Blum
A true-life tale of espionage and terror on American soil during World War I follows New York Police Inspector Tom Tunney's search for a team of German saboteurs who were planning a series of "accidents" using explosives and biological weapons.

Last Hope Island (940.534 OLSON)
by Lynne Olson
Chronicles how Britain became an island of refuge for Europeans who escaped the Nazi juggernaut, exploring how royals, soldiers, government leaders, and resistance fighters found safety and established bases of operations to reclaim their homelands.


Toby’s Room
by Pat Barker
A portrait of an upper-class family torn by World War I centers on an anguished sister whose beloved brother goes missing in action, in an epic tale that explores the poignant experiences of the family members and the working-class people who support them.

Cavendon Hall
by Barbara Taylor Bradford
A tale spanning sixteen years in early-20-century England finds the centuries-long relationship between the aristocratic Inghams and the Swann family who serves them tested by the outbreak of World War I.

The Star of Istanbul (MYSTERY)
By Robert Olen Butler
American spy and war correspondent Christopher Marlowe Cobb follows a man who may be a German secret service agent with vital information on to the Lusitania during World War I.

The Wild Rose
by Jennifer Donnelly
In 1914, with World War I approaching, polar explorer Seamus Finnegan tries to forget Willa, a passionate mountain climber, as he marries a beautiful young woman back home in England.

The Man from St. Petersburg
by Ken Follett
Just before World War I, two men--one, a noble Russian emissary, the other, a denizen of Europe's underground--set in motion a concatenation of world-shaking, ultimately fatal events.

The African Queen
by C. S. Forester
Rose Sayer joins forces with the Cockney pilot of a dilapidated steam launch in a desperate journey along a Central African river.

The Hearts of Horses
by Molly Gloss
In the winter of 1917, with many of his regular hands-off fighting in World War I, George Bliss hires young Martha Lessen to help gentle wild horses, and as she demonstrates her unique talent for dealing with damaged horses, she finds a sense of family and belonging.

Promise Me This
by Cathy Gohlke
Michael, a Titanic survivor living in New Jersey, develops a friendly correspondence with Annie, an Englishwoman whose brother died in the disaster that evolves into love but their budding relationship is threatened by the onset of World War I.

The Given Day
by Dennis Lehane
An epic tale set at the end of World War I follows the experiences of a family whose lives mirror the political unrest of an America caught between its well-patterned past and an unpredictable future.

The Girl you Left Behind
by Jojo Moyes
Unwillingly rendered an object of obsession by the Kommandant occupying her small French town in World War I, Sophie risks everything to reunite with her husband a century before a widowed Liv tests her resolve to claim ownership of Sophie's portrait.

No Graves as Yet
by Anne Perry
In June of 1914, Cambridge professor Joseph Reavley learns that his father was carrying a vitally important secret document when he died, and that his best student has been murdered.

We Shall Not Sleep
by Anne Perry
In November 1918, as the guns of World War I fall silent, the Reavley siblings discover the identity of the Peacemaker, the man who had murdered their parents, but when Matthew is accused of the murder of a young nurse, his chaplain brother Joseph and ambulance driver sister Judith must race against time to clear his name, before they can unmask the traitor.

All Quiet on the Western Front
by Erich Maria Remarque
The testament of Paul Baumer, who enlists with his classmates in the German army of World War I, illuminates the savagery and futility of war.

Stella Bain
by Anita Shreve
Suffering memory loss due from time on a French battlefield during World War I, American Stella Bain, is taken in by a London surgeon and his wife.

A Bitter Truth (MYSTERY)
by Charles Todd
A battlefield nurse during World War I, Bess Crawford, returning to London for a well-earned Christmas leave, finds her holiday fraught with mystery and murder when she agrees to help a bruised and battered woman return to her small village in Sussex.

A Lonely Death (MYSTERY)
by Charles Todd
Intrepid Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge investigates the Sussex village murders of three former soldiers, a case that puts Rutledge's career and life on the line.

The Shoemaker’s Wife
by Adriana Trigiani
Two star-crossed lovers--Enza and Ciro--meet and separate, until, finally, the power of their love changes both of their lives forever. Set during the years preceding and during World War I.

by Beatriz Williams
A cynical Wall Street analyst falls in love with a billionaire with a mysterious past in a romance with mystical ties to a relationship between a World War I British officer and a beautiful young American who held vital information about a fateful reconnaissance mission.

The Ashford Affair
by Lauren Willig
Feeling unfulfilled, Manhattan lawyer Clementine Evans learns of a long-buried family secret that leads her to the inner circles of World War I British society and the red hills of Kenya.

The Mapping of Love and Death (MYSTERY)
by Jacqueline Winspear
In 1932 London, Maisie Dobbs must unravel a case of wartime love and death—an investigation that leads her to a doomed affair between a young cartographer and a mysterious nurse.