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Bilingual Books

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Picture Books to Help Your Children Better Understand and Handle Their Emotions


The following stories have both Spanish and English on the page to help a beginning Spanish reader visualize the words. These titles can be found in the Children’s Spanish Fiction under the authors last name unless otherwise noted. 

Goodnight Moon 123 / Buenas Noches, Luna 123
by Margaret Wise Brown                 
A little bunny counts and bids goodnight to all the objects in his room before falling asleep.

Freight Train / Tren de Carga
by Donald Crews                   
Brief text and illustrations trace the journey of a colorful train as it goes through tunnels, by cities, and over trestles, rolling along slowly at first, until it starts to pick up speed.

Maria Had a Little Llama / Maria Tenia Una LLamita
by Angela Dominguez
An endearing English-Spanish retelling of the classic nursery rhyme combines Peruvian-inspired illustrations with English and Spanish adaptations that offer a fresh twist on the story of a loyal little girl and her mischievous pet llama.

Book fiesta! : Celebrate Children's Day/Book Day / Celebremos El Día de los Niños /El Día de los Libros : a Bilingual Picture Book
by Pat Mora
Bilingual, rhyming text and lively illustrations, along with a letter from the author and fun suggestions, offer a fun-filled celebration of this special day that takes place on April 30th.

Wiggling Pockets / Los Bolsillos Saltarines
by Pat Mora
At a family gathering, mischief ensues when Danny releases frogs from his wiggling pockets.

Te Amo, Sol, Te Amo, Luna / I Love You Sun, I Love You Moon (Parenting Shelf)
by Karen Pandell                                 
Small children discover the world around them and declare their relationship to all the wonders in that world.

Pelota Perdida / The Lost Ball
by Lynn Reiser
English-speaking Richard and Spanish-speaking Ricardo and their dogs walk through the park, each looking for his lost ball.

Counting Ovejas
by Sarah Weeks
When increasing numbers of sheep in a rainbow of colors appear in a man's bedroom as he tries to fall asleep, he must resort to more and more elaborate means of removing them.

Ana Cultiva Manzanas / Apple Farmer Annie
by Monica Wellington
Annie the apple farmer saves her most beautiful apples to sell fresh at the farmers' market.

Non-Fiction/No Ficción

These titles cover topics from colors to the water cycle and have both English and Spanish translations. They can be found in the Children’s Spanish Non-Fiction.

Safety at Home / Seguridad en la Casa (J363.136)
Simple text and photograph illustrations present basic household safety guidelines.

My Day : a Book in Two Languages / Mi Dia : un Libro en Dos Lenguas (J463.21)
Captioned illustrations and text in English and Spanish describe activities in a child's daily routine.

Seasons / Las Estaciones (J508.2)
Explains the changes that happen to plants, weather, animals and you with each season.

I Can Count / Se Contar (J513.211)
Introduces the numbers from zero to ten using animals, from zero dogs to ten snakes.

Water / El Agua (J551.48)
Explains the water cycle and rain, snow, evaporation, oceans, humidity and groundwater.

¿Quién Vive Aquí? Mascotas / Who Lives Here? Pets (J591.564)
Asks young readers to identify which pet lives in the different pet homes, in a text with flaps that reveal the answers.

Opuestos : Mexican Folk Art Opposites in English and Spanish (J736.40972)
Introduces opposites using painted wooden folk-art animal sculptures made by artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mi Familia Calaca / My Skeleton Family (J745.542)
Well-dressed papier-mâché skeletons in the style of the Mexican Day of the Dead sculptures from Oaxaca introduce family members and their relationships.

The Desert is My Mother / El Desierto es mi Madre (J811.54)
A poetic depiction of the desert as the provider of comfort, food, spirit, and life.