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Fairy Stories

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All fiction titles are shelved alphabetically by the author's last name.


It’s Not Fairy
by Ros Asquith
Not believing in the It's Not Fairy, Billy and Mary are shocked when she shows up at their house and wants to bake them and their parents into a fairy cake.

The Fairiest Fairy
by Anne Booth
Feeling insecure as a fairy with limited skills for painting rainbows, scattering dewdrops and performing pirouettes, little Betty performs small acts of kindness that are returned to her by loving friends when time for the fairy ball arrives.

by Doreen Cronin
When the glass kingdom begins cracking, the king and queen fail in their quest to get help from the banished fairy Bloom, they send Genevieve, an ordinary girl who will do what it takes to save the day.

Princess, Princess
by Penny Dale
A young princess and her friends sleep under the spell of a fairy she forgot to invite to her birthday party, until someone comes along to awaken them, in a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale. 

A Fairy Friend
by Sue Fliess
Fairies are all around us, and if you want to have one come to you, build a fairy house to have a fairy visit. 

April and Esme, Tooth Fairies
by Bob Graham
Receiving her first tooth-collection assignment, young tooth fairy April and her little sister, Esme, convince their parents to allow them to complete the task independently but find their efforts challenged by elements in the human world.

Jethro Byrd, Fairy Child
by Bob Graham
Annabelle finds a family of fairies in the cement and weeds, and they sing and dance for her when she gives them tea. 

Fairy Felicity’s Moonlight Adventure
by Alison Murray
Felicity follows a snail that leads her through a greenhouse, an orchard, and a garden until she finds her surprise. 

The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies
by Ammi-Joan Paquiette
Takes the reader on a journey to look for signs of fairies living nearby, from hiding places in tulips to a lookout post in a tree. 

Alice the Fairy
by David Shannon
Alice, who claims to be a Temporary Fairy, still has a lot to learn, such as how to make her clothes put themselves away in the closet.   

The Fairy Ball
by Mandy Stanley
Bella, a rabbit who loves to dance, stumbles across the land of the fairies and is invited to the queen's fairy ball, where she eats at a banquet, dances with the fairies, and receives a very special present. 

Backyard Fairies
by Phoebe Wahl
Fairies are real, and they're all around us! Award-winning author-illustrator Phoebe Wahl offers a fanciful and beautifully illustrated peek into the hidden world of fairies, sprites, and other magical creatures.


Pish and Posh
by Barbara Bottner
When a book of fairy magic is unexpectedly placed on their doorstep, complete opposites Pish and Posh finally find something in common until their training leads to crazy happenings between the two friends.

Marigold Fairy Makes a Friend
by Elizabeth Dennis
Wanting to keep pests out of the garden in the Land of Flower Wings, Marigold Fairy and her friend Butterfly wonder if pests could actually become friends, in a skill-building reader that shares fun gardening facts. 

Violet Fairy Gets Her Wings
by Elizabeth Dennis
Invited to tea after getting her wings and being welcomed into the garden, Violet Fairy accepts help from some friendly silkworms to repair a leaky fairy cottage roof before receiving a double-rainbow thank you from Mother Nature.

A Fairyland Costume Ball
by Daisy Meadows
When the Jewel Fairies are invited to a fancy Halloween costume ball at the Fairyland Palace, Amy the Amethyst Fairy cannot decide what she wants to be and has to use her jewel magic to create the perfect costume. 

Beck’s Bunny Secret
by Tennant Redbank
Repeatedly teased by her friend Fawn for her habit of taking in stray baby animals, Beck adopts a lost baby bunny that she hides from her fairy friends, a situation that turns serious when the bunny suddenly disappears.  

Pixie Hollow Paint Day
by Tennant Redbank
Art-talent fairy Bess asks her fairy friends to come to a party and help make more paint so that she can finish her new painting.

A Dozen Fairy Dresses
by Tennant Redbank
With the Purple Moon Night Ball approaching, Hem, a talented seamstress, has big dreams of creating a beautiful new dress until all the other fairies ask her to make new dresses for them.

A Fairy Frost
by Tennant Redbank
Rani and the other water talents decide to throw a frost party in Pixie Hollow, complete with ice skating and hot chocolate, but the fairies know something has gone wrong when the pond starts melting. 

Peter Pan
by Christy Webster
Wendy flies to Never Land with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell! Can they escape from Captain Hook?


The Goblin Baby
by Berlie Doherty
After nine-year-old Tam's baby sister is stolen away by faeries and replaced by a goblin baby, he must journey to the land of the faeries to retrieve her and bring her back home.

Rosy and the Secret Friend
by Margaret McNamara
Hiding from summer vacationers in their home on Sheepskerry Island, helpful Rosy, one of Tinker Bell's little sisters, secretly befriends troubled human girl Rosy and worries that her sisters will discover and disapprove of the friendship.

Sylva and the Fairy Ball
by Margaret McNamara
Sylva Bell is not old enough to attend the Fairy Ball with her sisters Clara, Rosy, and Golden, but when a horde of trolls crashes the ball, Sylva bravely comes to the rescue.

Golden at the Fancy Dress Ball
by Margaret McNamara
Goldie Bell competes in Queen Titania's Fancy-Dress Party on the Mainland and needs to overcome various obstacles without the support of her sisters. 

Sylva and the Lost Treasure
by Margaret McNamara
Fairies Sylva Bell and Poppy Flower are overjoyed when they find Queen Mab's old dollhouse, but as the two friends play with it, they start to unlock its secrets and discover its special magic--a magic that has a history of putting friendships to the test.

Christmas Fairy Magic
by Margaret McNamara
The Bell sisters are excited to see their oldest sister, Tinker Bell, for Christmas, but before her arrival, the sisters find it difficult to join in on the Christmas spirit.

Ruby, the Red Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
When Rachel and Kirsty find Ruby the Red Fairy in the pot at the end of the rainbow, they must discover where the other Rainbow sisters are before it's too late. 

Zoe, the Skating Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
While everyone in Fairyland is getting ready for the Fairy Olympics, Jack Frost's goblins steal the Sports Fairies' magic objects, and Rachel and Kristy are determined to roll away with Zoe's magic shoelace. 

Emily, the Emerald Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Rachel and Kirsty must retrieve the magic emerald which Jack Frost has stolen so that Emily, the emerald fairy can see the future.

Chloe, the Topaz Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Rachel and Kirsty must retrieve the magic topaz which Jack Frost has stolen so that Chloe, the topaz fairy can change girls into fairies and goblins into teddy bears.

Hope, the Happiness Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Rachel and Kirsty are going to spend a week at the Golden Palace, but when Jack Frost steals the Princess Fairies' magic tiaras they must help Hope the Happiness Fairy find her tiara to cheer everyone up.

Storm, the Lightning Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
When an unexpected storm hits Wetherbury, Rachel and Kirsty take shelter in the town museum, where they meet Storm the lightning fairy and an angry goblin summoning lightning with Storm's magic feathers. Storm the lightning fairy must get her lost magic feathers to bring back good weather to Wetherbury.

Ellie, the Guitar Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
A rockin' goblin has Ellie the guitar fairie's instrument, and he won't give it up without a fight! Can Rachel, Kirsty, and Ellie outsmart this guitar star?

Maya, the Harp Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Rachel and Kirsty have to pull some major strings to get Maya's harp back from Jack Frost and his goblins before they can ruin a wedding in Wetherbury. 

Crystal, the Snow Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Crystal the snow fairy must find her magical feather in order to stop snow from falling in summer. 

Lindsay, the Luck Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
St. Patrick's Day is full of magic, and Lindsay the Luck Fairy is the one who keeps it that way! But when Jack Frost's goblins steal her special lucky charms, Lindsay's luck runs out. Now everyone, everywhere will have a horribly unlucky St. Patrick's Day! Rachel and Kirsty are determined to help Lindsay find her magic. But where do they start? And without luck on their side, do they stand a chance of outsmarting the goblins? 

Cassidy, the Costume Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
When Jack Frost's goblins steal the magic tiara from Cassidy the costume fairy, Rachel and Kirsty must try to retrieve it to save the royal pageant. 

Elisa, the Royal Adventure Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Rachel and Kirsty are going to spend a week at the Golden Palace, but when Jack Frost steals the Princess Fairies' magic tiaras they must help Elisa the Royal Adventure Fairy find her tiara so everyone can have fun again.

Gemma, the Gymnastics Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
While everyone in Fairyland is getting ready for the Fairy Olympics, Jack Frost's goblins steal the Sports Fairies' magic objects, and Rachel and Kristy must get back Gemma's magic hoop. 

Bailey, the Babysitting Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
When the fairies discover that the Fairyland nursery is in chaos, Rachel and Kirsty are enlisted to help Bailey the babysitter fairy retrieve her magical charm from a thieving Jack Frost.

Helena, the Horse-Riding Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
While everyone in Fairyland is getting ready for the Fairy Olympics, Jack Frost's goblins steal the Sports Fairies' magic objects and mix the stables all up. Can Rachel and Kirsty help Helena the Horseriding Fairy rein things in? 

Addison, the April Fool’s Day Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Anticipating a fun-filled day of pranks and mischief on April Fool's Day, Rachel and Kirsty are enlisted to help Addison the April Fool's Day fairy retrieve her magical items from a thieving Jack Frost.

Natalie, the Christmas Stocking Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Never getting anything in his stocking, Jack Frost steals Natalie the fairy's three magical objects, forcing Rachel and Kirsty to try to retrieve them. 

A Fairyland Costume Ball
by Daisy Meadows
Flora the Dress-up Fairy and Trixie the Halloween Fairy help the jewel fairies choose costumes for the fairy queen's costume ball. 

The Squirrel Wife
by Philippa Pearce
The green people in the woods are feared by all — all except swineherd Jack, who dares to venture into the forest to answer a cry for help. Jack’s heroism unveils the true nature of the green people and earns him an idyllic life with a woman he loves. But can they survive the ignorance around them? 

The False Fairy
by Jordan Quinn
When a mysterious spell hypnotizes all the fairies on the island of Primlox and causes them to disappear, Prince Lucas and Clara team up with the last remaining fairy, a wild storyteller named Falsk, to find the missing fairies. 

The Kingdom of Fantasy
by Geronimo Stilton
After discovering a secret staircase in his attic, Geronimo travels to the Kingdom of Fantasy where he must battle strange creatures in order to save the Queen of the Fairies. 

A Fairy’s Gift
by Kiki Thorpe
When the Never Girls find out that widespread disbelief is threatening the fairies, they have to spend their holiday break finding a way to make their families and neighbors believe in fairies again--and save the magic of Pixie Hollow.

In the Game
by Kiki Thorpe
Loving to fly in Never Land and play soccer in the human world, Kate accidentally takes a flying leap during soccer practice and is tempted to use fairy dust in her everyday life with the help of mischievous fast-flyer Vidia.
See also:
The Woods Beyond


by John David Anderson
A fairy-in-training who is among the select few who grant the wishes of unsuspecting people struggles to protect the fairy world in the face of waning magic levels, an effort that exposes her to the dangers of the human world.

The Peculiar
by Stefan Bachmann
After humans win the faery wars in England, a half-human, half-faery child, scorned by both races, finds himself at the center of a web of intrigue and danger when he is stalked by a sinister faery.

Fairy Lies
by E.D. Baker
Half-fairy Tamisin and her boyfriend, Jak, have been arguing over whether she should return to the land of the fey when Oberon, king of the fairies, kidnaps her and Jak must return to that place of fairies, goblins, and sphinxes to rescue her.

Hailey Twitch is Not a Snitch
by Lauren Barnholdt
Second-grader Hailey's frustration over a school project releases Maybelle, a sprite whose punishment for being a rulemonger will end when she grants Hailey's wish to have fun, but Maybelle's efforts only seem to cause trouble. 

Hailey Twitch and the Campground Itch
by Lauren Barnholdt
Hailey's family camping trip turns chaotic as her sprite Maybelle's magic leads to a series of funny mishaps in the forest and gets Hailey into trouble.

Relic Hunters
by Derek Benz
Tragedy divides the Grey Griffins, but their united quest to capture Von Strife continues, pitting them against killer clockworks, spider-like beasts, and an army of animated dead as they work together to prevent the building of The Paragon Engine. 

Small Persons with Wings
by Ellen Booraem
When Mellie Turpin's grandfather dies and leaves her family his run-down inn and bar, she learns that for generations her family members have been fairy guardians, and now that the fairies want an important ring returned, the Turpins become involved in a series of magical adventures as they try to locate the missing ring.

No Flying in the House
by Betty Brock
A tiny talking dog arrives at the home of the rich Mrs. Vancourt and asks shelter for herself and her companion, a little girl.

In Darkling Wood
by Emma Carroll
When Alice goes to stay with her grandmother she discovers the magical Darkling Wood, where she meets a strange friend and discovers letters written between a brother and sister during WWI.

Oakwing: A Fairy’s Tale
by E. J. Clarke
After Rowan is mysteriously transformed into a tiny fairy, she is thrust into a world of fairy clans and talking robins where, she discovers, her long-missing mother is also trapped. 

Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer
When a twelve-year-old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, the fairies fight back with magic, technology, and a particularly nasty troll.
See also:
The Arctic Incident
The Eternity Code
The Opal Deception
The Time Paradox
The Atlantic Complex
The Last Guardian

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest
by Charles De Lint
Exploring the Tanglewood Forest while harboring a belief in its magic and fairies, Lillian is transformed into a kitten by protective forest cats and embarks on a perilous adventure along with Old Mother Possum, the fearsome Bear People and other fabled creatures.

The Spiderwick Chronicles:  The Field Guide
by Tony DiTerlizzi
When the Grace children go to stay at their Great Aunt Lucinda's worn Victorian house, they discover a field guide to fairies and other creatures an
 begin to have some unusual experiences.
See also:
The Seeing Stone
Lucinda’s Secret
The Ironwood Tree
The Wrath of Mulgarath 

The Nixie’s Song: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles
by Tony DiTerlizzi
When his father remarries and moves his new wife and daughter into the soon-to-be completed Mangrove Hollow, eleven-year-old Nicholas Vargas finds an ally in his new stepsister when a little nixie with a huge problem comes to him for help. 
See also:
A Giant Problem
The Wyrm King

Vidia and the Fairy Crown
by Laura Driscoll
When Vidia, a disagreeable fairy, finds herself accused of stealing the Queen's tiara, she enlists the aid of a fellow sprite to help investigate and the two race against time to clear Vidia's name. 

The Wizard’s Dog
by Eric Kahn Gale
When his master and best friend, Merlin, is kidnapped, there is nothing Nosewise the dog will not do to get Merlin back, even if it means facing the strange Fae people and their magic-eating worms, or tangling with the mysterious Sword in the Stone. 

Three Pickled Herrings
by Sally Gardner
Nine-year-old Emily Vole and her friends at Wings & Co. Fairy Detective Agency have their hands full with the sudden and mysterious death of local landowner Sir Walter Cross, devastating losses suffered by tailor Mr. Rollo, and the ruin of Pan Smith's wedding preparations the night before her big day. 

Witch Catcher
by Mary Downing Hahn
Having just moved into the West Virginia home they inherited from a distant relative, twelve-year-old Jen is surprised that her father is already dating a local antiques dealer, but more surprised by what the spooky woman really wants.

13 Treasures
by Michelle Harrison
Bedeviled by evil fairies that only she can see, thirteen-year-old Tanya is sent to stay with her cold and distant grandmother at Elvesden Manor, where she and the caretaker's son solve a disturbing mystery that leads them to the discovery that Tanya's life is in danger.

13 Curses
by Michelle Harrison
When fairies steal her brother, thirteen-year-old Rowan Fox promises that in exchange for his return she will find the thirteen charms that the fairies have enchanted and hidden in the human world.

The Princess and the Unicorn
by Carol Hughes
Joyce the fairy has the adventure she has always dreamed of when she joins forces with a human princess to rescue the unicorn stolen from Swinley Forest, placing the forest and its fairy community in grave danger.  

Philippa Fisher’s Fairy Godsister
by Liz Kessler
When Philippa learns that the new girl at school, Daisy, is her reluctant fairy godmother, Philippa tries to use her customary three wishes constructively, in a charming story of friendship, luck, and how we decide what we really want. 

Philippa Fisher and the Dream-Maker’s Daughter
by Liz Kessler
Twelve-year-old Philippa gets caught up in unraveling the mystery of a dream-catcher that threatens the life of her fairy friend Daisy and the happiness of her human friend Robyn, who is grieving over her mother's death. 

Ella Enchanted
by Gail Carson Levine
At her birth, Ella of Frell receives a foolish fairy's gift—the “gift” of obedience. Ella must obey any order, whether it's to hop on one foot for a day and a half, or to chop off her own head! But strong-willed Ella does not accept her fate...

Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
by Gail Carson Levine
Tinker Bell and the other residents of Fairy Haven do not know what to make of Prilla, the new fairy who is quite strange, clumsy, and seemingly talentless, but when Never Land is in danger, Prilla's talent emerges.

Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand
by Gail Carson Levine
Three fairies from Never Land must deliver a wand they promised to the mermaid who has threatened to flood their home in Fairy Haven. 

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre
by Gail Carson Levine
Peregrine strives to live up to the ideal of her people, the Latki—and to impress her parents: affectionate Lord Tove, who despises only the Bamarre, and stern Lady Klausine. Perry runs the fastest, speaks her mind, and doesn’t give much thought to the castle’s Bamarre servants, whom she knows to be weak and cowardly. 

The Moorchild
by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Feeling that she is neither fully human nor "Folk," a changeling learns her true identity and attempts to find the human child whose place she had been given.

The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight
by Gerald Morris
Determined to find the knight responsible for the terrible deaths of her mother and the Jewish peddler who had given them a home, thirteen-year-old Sarah is helped in her quest by a strange old woman, a magical sword, a young faery, and an unkempt knight with little armor and no horse.

Five Children and It
by Evelyn Nesbit
When four brothers and sisters discover a Psammead, or sand-fairy, in the gravel pit near the country house where they are staying, they have no way of knowing all the adventures its wish-granting will bring them.

Prilla’s Prize
by Lisa Papademitriou
Unable to win a ribbon at Great Games Day despite her best efforts in the Carrot Toss, the Potato Heft, and the Leapfrog Race, Prilla, almost ready to throw in the towel, discovers that there many different ways to be a winner. 

The Flint Heart
by Katherine Patterson
An ambitious Stone Age man demands a talisman that will harden his heart, allowing him to take control of his tribe. Against his better judgment, the tribe's magic man creates the Flint Heart, but the cruelty of it causes the destruction of the tribe. Thousands of years later, the talisman reemerges to corrupt a kindly farmer, an innocent fairy creature, and a familial badger.

Clemency Pogue:  The Hobgoblin Proxy
by J. T. Petty
At the behest of her friend Chaphesmeeso, Clem must help Kennethurchin, who was stolen from his cradle as a baby and replaced with a changeling, find and destroy the imposter so that he can become a hobgoblin, but the changeling, who is now nine-years-old, refuses to go without a fight. 

Witch Wars
by Sibeal Pounder
When Fran the Fabulous Fairy turns up in Tiga Whicabim's shed to tell her she's a witch, Tiga doesn't believe her. Or at least not until Fran points out that TIGA WHICABIM is actually an anagram of I AM A BIG WITCH and magics her away down the drainpipes to compete in Witch Wars - the competition to crown the next Top Witch of Ritzy City.

The Wee Free Men
by Terry Pratchett
A young witch-to-be named Tiffany teams up with the Wee Free Men, a clan of six-inch-high blue men, to rescue her baby brother and ward off a sinister invasion from Fairyland. 

A Hat Full of Sky
by Terry Pratchett
Tiffany Aching, a young witch-in-training, learns about magic and responsibility as she battles a disembodied monster with the assistance of the six-inch-high Wee Free Men and Mistress Weatherwax, the greatest witch in the world. 

The Charm Bracelet
by Emily Rodda
When Jessie searches for her ill grandmother's missing charm bracelet, she is led to a magical world and finds she has a reason and right to be there.

The Flower Fairies
by Emily Rodda
Jessie returns to the magical world where her grandmother was born, where she deals with some griffins, dances with fairies, and borrows something to help her dance in her school concert.

The Third Wish
by Emily Rodda
When her home is threatened by fire, Jessie returns to the magical world of the Realm and visits the mermaids of Under-Sea to search for a wish-stone. 

The Curse of Maleficent
by Elizabeth Rudnick
Aurora has always enjoyed her simple life. She loves to explore the beautiful woods and enchanting Moors surrounding her quaint cottage. She is comforted knowing that her faerie godmother is always nearby, keeping a watchful eye on her. She even likes living with her bumbling yet well-meaning aunts. But when Aurora discovers a dark secret about her past, her whole world turns upside down. 

by Kate Saunders
Eleven-year-old Tom is shocked to learn that he is a demisprite, half fairy and half mortal, and that he, aided by three fairy godmothers, must save his father, who is hiding in the fairy Realm, while safeguarding his mortal mother. 

The Night Fairy
by Amy Laura Schlitz
When Flory the night fairy's wings are accidentally broken and she cannot fly, she has to learn to do everything differently.  

The Land of Flowers
by Thea Stilton
When the Seven Roses, magical flowers which bloom forever and which are linked to the health of the Land of Flowers, are dying, the Thea sisters and Will Mystery must discover the reason. 

Marigold and the Feather of Hope, the Journey Begins:  The Fairy Chronicles
by J.H. Sweet
Spending two weeks with her eccentric aunt is not her idea of fun, but nine-year-old Beth's attitude changes when she is told that she and Aunt Evelyn are fairies and need to find the missing Feather of Hope.
See also:
Primrose and the Magic Snowglobe
Dewberry and the Lost Chest of Paramour
Snapdragon and the Odyssey of Elan
Moonflower and the Pearl of Paramour

The Trouble with Tink
by Kiki Thorpe
After losing her special hammer, Tinker Bell is no longer able to perform as the best repairer of all pots and pans in the land and so now must find a way to locate it in order to regain the title she once proudly earned. 

The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden
by Emma Trevayne
At age twelve, grave robber Thomas Marsden discovers a boy who looks just like him in an unmarked grave and begins a journey of discovery as he learns of faeries trapped in London and their hope that he can return them to their realm.

The Forbidden Library
by Django Wexler
When her father is lost at sea shortly after meeting a very unusual visitor, Alice must leave her home to live with an "uncle" whose rural Pennsylvania estate includes a massive and mysterious library that holds much more than books. 

The Mad Apprentice
by Django Wexler
When Alice's mysterious Uncle Geryon sends her to help capture a rogue apprentice--a boy who has the same ability Alice has to Read himself into stories--she knows to expect a wild and unpredictable trip. But even though Alice has visited the magical realms inside libraries before, this adventure is far more dangerous. Because Torment, the magic creature holding this library together, has gone mad. 

The Chestnut King
by Nathan D. Wilson
Twelve-year-old Henry York, finally reunited with his family, works with them and the Chestnut King, the long-deposed and mythic leader of the faeren people, to destroy Nimiane and her forces of evil.


The Hidden Folk: Stories of Fairies, Dwarves, Selkies, and Other Secret Beings   J398.2
by Lisa Lunge-Larsen
Brief stories featuring such creatures as flower fairies, elves, dwarves, and river sprites.  

Too Many Fairies: A Celtic Tale           J398.20941
by Margaret Read MacDonald          
An old woman complains about all the housework she has to do, but when some fairies come to help her she finds that they are more trouble than they are worth. 

The Three Spinning Fairies: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm         J398.20943
by Lisa Campbell Ernst                        
When Zelda seeks help in spinning the wool necessary to win the prince's hand in marriage, three talented fairies decide to assist her, yet when they feel their kindness is being abused, the fairies turn things around and teach lazy Zelda an important lesson. 

The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies: An Old Tale from Scotland      J398.21
by Heather Forest                                    
Asked to make a cake for the fairies, a clever baker woman must figure out a way to prevent the fairies from wanting to keep her with them always to bake her delicious cakes.

Fairy World Crafts                  J745.5
by Kathy Ross       
 Provides step-by-step instructions for crafts involving fairies, from costumes and accessories to dolls and games. 

The Book of Little Folk: Faery Stories and Poems from Around the World            J808.80375
by Lauren Mills               
A collection of poems, short stories, folk tales and fairy tales from a variety of cultures about these elusive and magical creatures. 

The Complete Book of Flower Fairies                       J821.912
by Mary Cicely Barker         
The author's originality and skill as an artist continues to charm and delight readers in this redesigned anthology of all her world-famous fairy illustrations and poems.