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Getting Ready for School

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Preschool through 2nd Grade

All books can be found under author’s last name in the picture book area unless otherwise noted.


Hello School
by Priscilla Burris  
A class full of children experience their first day of school, where they introduce themselves to their teacher, sing a good morning song, play at recess, and learn their letters and numbers.

It's Time for Preschool!      J Picture Book Parent Shelf
by Esmé Raji Codell
An energetic and reassuring introduction to preschool illustrates the range of experiences children will encounter during a typical day, from drop-off to pick-up, as well as special events that occur throughout the year, such as fire drills and field trips.

Maisy Goes to Preschool
by Lucy Cousins
Eager to arrive, Maisy is ready for a day with her friends--painting pictures, having snack time, taking a nap, and riding down the slide in the playground during recess.

ABC Ready for School     J302.14 DELANEY
by Celeste C. Delaney  
An alphabet book that helps young children consider, explore, and discuss a wide range of social skills related to school readiness.

Llama Llama Misses Mama
by Anna Dewdney
Llama Llama experiences separation anxiety on his first day of nursery school. 

My First Day at Nursery School
by Becky Edwards
On the first day of preschool, a little girl misses her mother, but on the second day she is excited to go back. 

Little Rabbit Goes to School
by Harry Horse
Little Rabbit takes his favorite toy, Charlie Horse, along for his first day of school and when there is trouble, he blames it all on Charlie.

Rosie Goes to Preschool
by Karen Katz
A little preschooler who knows everything about the first day of school introduces young children to her cubby, teacher, music class, lunch table and more. 

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to School?
by Bill Martin
Kitty Cat has a great day at school, where he sings, reads, counts, plays, has a treat, takes a nap, shows off his little bell, and paints.

Little School
by Beth Norling
Follows twenty children from when they wake up in the morning and go to school to sing, read, and play, until they come home and go to sleep.

My Preschool
by Anne F. Rockwell
Preschool is so much fun for a little boy as he plays with his classmates, participates in circle time, and splashes around at the water table before saying good-bye to all his friends at the end of his busy day. 

The Little School Bus
by Carol Roth
An assortment of animals, including a goat in a coat, a quick chick, and a hairy bear, ride the bus to and from school.

Dinosaur vs. School
by Bob Shea
Loving everything about his first day of preschool, from meeting new friends and dressing up in play clothes to doing arts-and-crafts and playing musical instruments, Dinosaur feels unsure about the challenges of clean-up time before discovering the power of friends working together. 

Mouse's First Day of School
by Lauren Thompson
Hiding inside a backpack, Mouse spends the day at school, discovering colors, letters, numbers, and his favorite thing--friends.


Mae’s First Day of School
by Kate Berube 
As Mae walks to school for her first day, her anxiety builds until she meets some new friends who show her that they can conquer their fears together. 

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten
by Toni Buzzeo
Wearing her super-hero cape to the first day of kindergarten, where she searches for adventure in every moment and puts her own spin on the teacher's rules, Annie finds a way to use her exuberance to help two lost classmates.

I'm Telling You, Dex, Kindergarten Rocks!
by Katie Davis
Dexter knows everything there is to know about kindergarten and is not at all scared about his first day there, but his stuffed dog, Buster, is very nervous. 

Lily’s Cat Mask
by Julie Fortenberry
Finding an awesome cat mask that she begins wearing everywhere she goes, shy Lily uses the mask to hide whenever she feels uncertain about something until her first day in a new class is challenged by the teacher's requirement that she take the mask off.

We Love School!
by Marilyn Janovitz
Simple rhymes and illustrations describe what kittens like about going to school.

Off to School, Baby Duck
by Amy Hest
Baby Duck experiences the fear of the first day of school, but with a little help from Grampa, everything turns out okay in the end.

Countdown to Kindergarten
by Alison McGhee
After hearing about all the horrors of school from a first grader, a little girl decides that school is not for her and has to find a way out as the first day of school draws ever closer.

Happy School Year!
by Susan Milord
Children gather for a first day of school celebration that calms their worries about the day.

Kindergarrrten Bus
by Mike Ornstein   
After his parrot companion flies away, a rough and tough pirate experiences anxiety on his first day as a school bus driver, echoing some of the concerns expressed by the young students in his care. 

School’s First Day of School
by Adam Rex
Everyone's a little nervous on the first day of school, including the school building. 

It’s Your First Day of School, Busy Bus
by Jody Jensen Schaffer   
Today is the very first day of school! Busy Bus is excited, but he also has some first-day jitters. Luckily, bus driver Ben knows just what to do to make sure that the school year gets off to a great start.

Splat the Cat
by Rob Scotton
On Splat the cat's first day of school, he brings along his pet mouse, Seymour, just in case he doesn't make any new friends, but when Seymour escapes from Splat's lunchbox, chaos ensues and wise Mrs. Wimpydimple must take charge and teach everyone an important new lesson. 

I Love School!
by Philemon Sturges
A brother and sister describe the things they love to do during their day at kindergarten.

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten 
by Joseph Slate
Miss Bindergarten, the Kindergarten teacher, organizes her classroom, stacking the shelves and hanging the charts, in preparation for the exciting upcoming first day of school. 

Mom, It's My First Day of Kindergarten!
by Hyewon Yum
When his mother expresses anxiety over his upcoming entry into kindergarten, an enthusiastic youngster offers reassurances about the exciting new things and people he expects to encounter. 


Off to First Grade
by Louise Borden
Each member of a first-grade class, as well as their teacher, principal, and a bus driver, expresses excitement, worry, or hope as the first day of school begins in alphabetical order.                                                               

The School                              J371 Carr
by Aaron Carr
Part of the My Neighborhood series.

First Day Jitters            
by Julie Danneberg
Sarah is afraid to start at a new school, but both she and the reader are in for a surprise when she gets to her class. 

The Wheels on the Bus
by James Dean
Pete the ultra-groovy cat and his wacky pals put a whimsical spin on the classic song, "The Wheels on the Bus," when the intrepid feline sits in the driver's seat and cruises all through the town.

by Emma Dodd
Emily is worried about starting school for the first time, but Foxy waves his magic tail to provide what she needs to be ready. 

Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade              BEGINNING READER  
Princess Posey Book 1
by Stephanie Greene
Posey's fear of starting first grade is alleviated when her teacher invites the students to wear their most comfortable clothes to school on the first day. 

Miss Mingo and the First Day of School
by Jamie Harper
Miss Mingo helps all of the animal students in her class overcome their shyness on the first day of school by encouraging them to share something special about themselves, in an informative book filled with facts about frogs, ants, snakes, crickets, and a host of other familiar animals.

Rocket’s 100th Day of School               BEGINNING READER
by Tad Hills
Rocket the dog is excited about the 100th day of school and enlists the help of his friends to collect one hundred special things to bring to class, from heart-shaped stones found with Mr. Barker to feathers Owl provides, but will he find enough items in time?     

School Rules!                          BEGINNING READER
by Victoria Kann
When Pinkalicious brings her imaginary unicorn, Goldie, to school and teaches him the rules, he helps her and the other students become better friends.

I Walk with Vanessa
by Kerascoet
A wordless story inspired by real events follows the actions of a little girl who inspires her community to stand up to bullying when a classmate is treated badly and she chooses to stand by her side, an act of kindness that leads to greater acceptance, understanding and the discovery of strength in numbers.

Follow the Line to School
by Laura Ljungkvist
Encourages young readers to follow the line as it travels through a typical school day, including story-time, recess, library time, and show-and-tell.

Ready and Waiting for You
by Judi Moreillon
Warm and friendly characters welcome a new student to the first day of school.

Lulu Goes to Witch School
by Jane O’Connor
Lulu the witch girl is a little nervous about her first day of school, but she heads off with her broom and Dracula lunch box. She immediately loves pretty new teacher, Miss Slime, especially her wart.

Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School
by Herman Parish
A literal-minded first-grader's first day of school is filled with confusing adventures, much to her delight. 

Stuart Goes to School                        BEGINNING READER
by Sara Pennypacker
Worried about his first day at a new school, eight-year-old Stuart wears his magic cape and hopes that it will help him get through the day. 

On the First Day of First Grade
by Tish Rabe 
From choosing books to read to building things with clay to performing in a play, there are many exciting firsts to look forward to. Saying good-bye to mom and dad can be hard, but when the school bus pulls up, it’s time for some first-grade fun!

100 School Days
by Anne F. Rockwell
The students in Mrs. Madoff's class keep track of the days they have been in school, marking each interval of ten, until they reach 100 days. 

Tony Baloney: School Rules              BEGINNING READER
by Pam Muñoz Ryan
It is the first day of school for Tony Baloney, the macaroni penguin, and he wants to follow all the class rules, but Tony has a way of finding trouble.

Oliver and His Alligator
by Paul Schmid
Picking up an alligator from a nearby swamp when he feels nervous about his first day of school, little Oliver uses his alligator to scare away his problems until his loneliness prompts him to make a brave decision.

I'm Your Bus
by Marilyn Singer
In rhyming text, a school bus describes its busy day transporting children to and from school.

The Halloween Parade          BEGINNING READER  
by Rosemary Wells
Mrs. Jenkins' class is all dressed up for the Halloween Parade. But when a class bully arrives on the scene and threatens to scare a shy play schooler and ruin the day, it's Yoko (dressed as a sushi roll) and Timothy (dressed as spinach) to the rescue! 

The Germ Busters      BEGINNING READER  
by Rosemary Wells
When Yoko and her classmates become sick, Mrs. Jenkins comes up with a great idea to identify who might be responsible for spreading germs. 


Negotiating the Special Education Maze: A Guide for Parents & Teachers 
Adult Non-fiction  371.91097
by Winifred Anderson
Provides parents with effective approaches for obtaining appropriate instruction and therapy for their children.

Moses Goes to School
by Isaac Millman
Follow Moses as he spends a day at his school, a public school for the deaf, where all the children use expressions and sign language to communicate to one another.

Extraordinary Friends        J362.4083
by Fred Rogers
In his characteristically wise and gentle way, the host of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood challenges the stereotypes that often plague children with special needs and celebrates six children who are extraordinary friends.


It's My School
by Sally Grindley
Tom is not happy that his younger sister, Alice, is starting kindergarten at his school and doesn't understand why he has to share his school with his annoying little sister. 

by Emily Arnold McCully
A curious little mouse decides to find out what school is all about.

Enrico Starts School
by Charlotte Middleton
With the help of his little brother, Enrico, who has just started school, learns that being yourself is the best way to make new friends.

I Love School!
by Philemon Sturges
Rhyming text and bright illustrations celebrate the many fun things that kids experience during a busy day at school, such as playing with blocks, learning the alphabet, feeding the pet rabbit, and riding on the bus. 


Kevin Goes to School     J Picture Book Parent Shelf
by Liesbet Slegers
Kevin goes to school for the first time after a bit of reluctance and feeling better after his teacher puts on a puppet show, he makes a funny hat with a new friend and plays with blocks.

What's bugging Nurse Penny? A Story About Lice               PICTURE BOOK
by Stier, Catherine
When Nurse Penny loses her smile, three of her young patients provide encouragement, which leads to an impromptu school assembly at which Nurse Penny educates students about head lice, with which she, herself, is afflicted. 

Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children              613.2083
by Ann Cooper
Two Culinary Institute of America chefs cite the health risks associated with poor eating habits in children, providing one hundred school lunch recipes that are comprised of healthy foods specifically selected to help young people to make better choices.

What Really Happens in School: A Guide to Your Child's Emotional, Social, and Intellectual Development Grades K-5                  372.18
by LaForge, Ann E.
Replete with first-person accounts from teachers and parents, a comprehensive guide shows parents how children develop in each grade from kindergarten through grade five, allowing parents to follow their children's emotional, social, and intellectual development. 

Ready--Start--School! Nurturing and Guiding Your Child Through Preschool & Kindergarten
by Rief, Sandra F.                                372.21
Ready to meet your child’s first teacher? Then look in the mirror and say “hello!”


Pepita and the Bully = Pepita y la peleonera                       J Fic Parent Shelf Spanish
by Lachtman, Ofelia Dumas
Pepita likes her new school but she has decided that—after three days—she isn’t going back. She’s sorry too, because she likes her teacher, Miss Chu, who has black eyes and a sunny smile. She likes her bright, colorful classroom. And she especially likes the playground. 

School Safety = Seguridad en la escuela                   J Spanish 363.11371
by Dana Meachen Rau
Simple text and photograph illustrations present basic guidelines for staying safe and healthy in school.