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Planning and Environmental Review

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The Planning and Building Counter is CLOSED for in-person consultations to minimize COVID-19 transmission risks.  We are monitoring the situation and will re-open the counter as soon as possible.

Emergency Order No. 2 regarding Construction Safety Measures.

On April 24, 2020, the City Manager in her role as Emergency Services Director issued Emergency Order No. 2 establishing construction site safety measures in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The order requires:

 Handwashing stations on all job sites;

  • Sanitizing of tools and equipment before shared;
  • On-site signage stating COVID-19 protocols;
  • Requirement for all everyone at a job site wear face coverings;
  • No gathering in groups of 4 or large  during breaks/lunck in order to maintain social distancing (3 or less people is acceptable with proper social distancing observed);
  • Observing social distancing by:
    • Identification of “choke points” to minimize frequent close interactions;
    • Keeping on site interactions to a minimum; and
    • Staggering the presence of the various trades  to reduce density on site.

 A full copy of  Emergency Order No. 2 can be found here

Consultations/ Inquiries

Consultation by telephone or email is available during regular business hours (Monday – Thursday 8 am – 4 pm) at the phone numbers and email addresses below:

Planning Information and Submittal Requirements:   (805) 961-7543

Building & Safety Permits and Information:                (805) 961-7552

Code Compliance Office:                                            (805) 961-7556

Permit and Application Submittals

All permit applications, plans, supporting materials or comments must be submitted electronically to one of the below email addresses. The maximum size of submittal materials able to be accepted through the City’s email system is 50 MB.   If materials to be submitted are too large to submit by email, please contact staff at the below email addresses for further directions for submittal by ftp or cloud-based site (e.g., Dropbox).

 Planning Submittals and Information:

Building Submittals and Information:

Please contact Planning and/or Building staff to determine the appropriate permit and application fee amounts to be submitted electronically and then contact the Finance Department at regarding how to pay said fees.  The fee schedule can be located here:

Building Inspections

Building Inspections: or 805-961-7550

Building Inspections will be conducted virtually for the time being.  Please click here for the virtual inspection process and read our press release here.

Visual Inspection

Submittals made the week of March 16, 2020

If submittal materials were left in drop bins outside of City Hall during the week of March 16, 2020, the City is unable to process those submittals presently as all staff has been directed to work remotely.  Please resubmit all materials electronically as noted above and cancel any checks that may have been provided.  We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to the return of normal operations in the future.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. 


The Planning and Environmental Review Department provides staff services to assist City Management and the City Council, Planning Commission, and Design Review Board in guiding future growth and change in a manner that conforms to adopted policies and ordinances and that reflects community values. The City Council has adopted an annual work program for the Department which includes the following three divisions:

  • Current Planning: Functions and services of this division include public information and assistance to customers at the front counter and by telephone, project review and permitting to implement zoning and subdivision regulations, design review, coordination of permitting with other agencies, permit compliance, and environmental review to implement the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

  • Advance Planning: This division is responsible for the development and maintenance of the City’s General Plan, Local Coastal Program, Housing Element, and Zoning Regulations. The Division oversees the City’s energy project planning, environmental programs, and geographic information systems. Important to this division are regional planning efforts with other cities, agencies, neighborhoods, businesses, and civic groups.

  • Building and Safety: Functions and services of this division include assistance to customers at the front counter, processing and plan check of building applications for compliance with the uniform construction codes, issuance of building and grading permits, inspections, issuance of occupancy permits, and code compliance. 

Contact Us:

Planning and Environmental Review Information Desk     (805) 961-7543
Building & Safety Permits (805) 961-7552
Building Inspection Request Line (805) 961-7550
Advance Planning Division (805) 961-7540
Director's Office (805) 961-7540

Planning and Environmental Review Department Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.*
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
*Open during lunch hour

Building Department Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.*
Friday: CLOSED
*Open during lunch hour