Monarch Butterfly Inventory and Habitat Management Plan

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The Ellwood Mesa

Butterfly Habitat Management Plan Adoption

On March 19, 2019, City Council will consider adoption of the Ellwood Mesa/Sperling Preserve Monarch Butterfly Habitat Management Plan (MBHMP) and associated Mitigated Negative Declaration and the Mitigation Monitoring and
Reporting Program.  Below is the staff report for this item and links to the staff report attachments:


As authorized by the City Council on September 4, 2018, the City of Goleta has submitted the requisite follow-on Coastal Development Permit application for Emergency Permit, Case No. G-4-17-0048 to the Coastal Commission today.  The CDP application covers work that was authorized under the Emergency Permit, which was issued last year for the removal of 29 hazard trees (27 trees were removed and two additional trees were pruned).  Pursuant to the Council action, the application was to be submitted along with a final revised version of the 2018 Implementation Plan that incorporated public comments, Council direction, and was consistent with the Conditions of approval within the Emergency Permit. 

 A copy of the complete CDP Application can be found here. On January 10, 2019, the Coastal Commission provided the City with an Incomplete Letter for the CDP Application. The Incomplete Letter can be found here.



Open Space Plan and the City’s General Plan/Coastal Land Use Plan identify the need for a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of monarch butterfly populations and supporting habitat and detection of trends in butterfly health, number, and behavior in the City. In response, the City prepared the following documents:

To view comments on the Draft Butterfly HMP and 2018 Implementation Plan, click here.

Questions related to the Monarch Butterfly Inventory and Habitat Management Plan should be addressed to Anne Wells, Advance Planning Manager, at (805) 961-7557 or Comments on the Plan should be submitted to

For more information about visiting the Goleta Butterfly Grove (currently closed), please visit For more information about habitat management on Ellwood Mesa, please click here.


Previous Meetings and Workshops (in 2018):

On September 4, 2018, City staff will provided City Council with an update on the Draft Butterfly HMP and 2018 Implementation Plan. Information for the meeting is provided below:

On August 22, 2017, City staff provided the Public Tree Advisory Commission with an update on the Draft Butterfly HMP and 2018 Implementation Plan. Information for the meeting is provided below:

The City hosted a public workshop on August 16th, 2018 to discuss the Habitat Management Plan and Implementation Plan. Materials from the workshop are provided below:

Information from workshops help in 2011-2013 can be found here.


Additional Information:

Western Monarch Conservation Plan. The purpose of the Western Monarch Conservation Plan is to identify and promote a shared set of conservation strategies for the entire life cycle of the western monarch population, including the overwintering grounds in California and breeding and migratory habitats throughout the western United States, to achieve the vision of a viable western population of monarch butterflies.