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Oil and Gas

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Oil and Gas Projects and Associated Information

The Ellwood Onshore Oil and Gas Processing Facility (EOF) is located in the City of Goleta near Haskell’s/Ellwood beaches. The EOF processes oil and gas produced from Platform Holly and gas seep tents just offshore Goleta's coast.  The California State Lands Commission is in the process of decommissioning Platform Holly and Lease 421 piers (located partially in the City of Goleta), operating from the EOF in the City of Goleta. Disposition of the EOF has yet to be determined.

Any questions related to the City's oil and gas facility permit compliance effort may be directed to Anne Wells at (805) 961-757 or

The Advance Planning Division is actively involved with the April 17, 2017 Venoco lease quitclaims and bankruptcy. For more information on the lease quitclaims and bankruptcy, visit the City's: 

Venoco Quitclaim and Bankruptcy Page

The Advance Planning Division oversees oil and gas related activities in Goleta, and we do this in a spirit of cooperation with a variety of agencies with which we share jurisdiction. Our purpose is to provide comprehensive review of permit applications, enforce compliance, implement mitigation programs, and maintain an effective energy policy program.

Oil and Gas Projects

Oil and Gas Related Emergency and Hazardous Incident Information