Oil and Gas Facility Permit Compliance

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The City is home to Venoco, Inc.'s Ellwood Onshore Facility (EOF), which processes oil and gas produced from Platform Holly and gas seep tents just offshore Goleta's coast.  The EOF and its associated facilities are subject to hundreds of conditions of approval of its Development Plan permit from the City.  The facility is also subject to permits from other agencies including the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) and Fire Department (SBCFD).

In order to ensure consistency with all of the applicable permits and associated conditions, the City participates in a permit compliance program with the County of Santa Barbara Energy Division, Office of Emergency Services (OES)APCD, and Santa Barbara County Fire Department. The goals of the this compliance program are to maintain comprehensive monitoring and enforcement procedures that are efficient for the City, community, agencies and developers, to prevent potential violations or non-compliance with project approvals and permits, to discover and resolve violations at the earliest opportunity, and to ensure the adequacy of the permit conditions.

This compliance program provides a regular forum for the City and the aforementioned agencies to discuss the permit compliance status of the EOF and its associated facilities.  This forum occurs within the County of Santa Barbara Systems, Safety and Reliability Review Committee (SSRRC). The SSRRC is delegated authority to review the technical design of facilities, as well as to review and approve the Safety, Inspection, Maintenance and Quality Assurance Program (SIMQAP) and its implementation (conduct safety audits, review facility changes, etc.). The SSRRC also performs a purely staff function of reviewing and commenting on projects being reviewed by the City, County, State or federal agencies. Such review and comment is purely advisory to the official, department, commission, agency or board authorized to review and approve the project or plan.

Any questions related to the City's oil and gas facility permit compliance effort may be directed to Anne Wells at (805) 961-757 or awells@cityofgoleta.org.