PRC 421 Recommissioning Background Info

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Please note that this is an archived page. For more information on the Venoco's lease quitclaims and bankruptcy, visit the City's Venoco Quitclaim and Bankruptcy Page 

At the December 17, 2014 meeting of the State Lands Commission, the Commission voted to certify the Final EIR and approve the Revised PRC 421 Recommissioning Project on State Oil and Gas Lease No. PRC 421.1.

Information about Piers 421 can be found on the State Lands Commission Website at

The City of Goleta submitted a comment letter for CSLC consideration at their hearing on December 17.  Link to the letter:

     December 12, 2014 Letter from the City of Goleta to CSLC

Mayor Perotte also submitted a letter to the State Lands Commission, authorized by the City Council at its December 16, 2014 meeting.  This letter is posted below:

     December 17, 2014 Goleta Mayor's Letter to CSLC

Venoco, Inc. (Venoco) proposed to return offshore State Oil and Gas Lease No. PRC 421 to oil production using an existing shoreline well (Well 421-2), which has been shut-in since 1994. CSLC identified the following project components:

  • Well 421-2, located offshore in CSLC jurisdiction, would be recommissioned using an existing pier (Pier 421-2), straddling the City of Goleta’s and CSLC’s jurisdiction, located southeast of what is commonly known as Haskell’s Beach.
  • Water and gas from crude oil emulsion extracted from Well 421-2 would be separated at the existing Ellwood Onshore Facility (EOF) in the City of Goleta.
  • Infrastructure associated with Well 421-2 production would be upgraded, including repair of caisson walls, a new electrical submersible pump, well safety equipment, and a new flowline to the EOF.
  • A second well (Well 421-1), which is located on an adjacent pier (Pier 421-1), would be decommissioned and removed.
  • The estimated productive life of PRC 421 is 20 years. Estimated production during the first month is 150 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). Instantaneous oil production rate is not projected to exceed 500 BOPD. After two years, production is anticipated to taper off to approximately 50 BOPD, matching the well’s last 10 years of continuous historical production.

The Recirculated Draft EIR was circulated for a 60-day public review period beginning Thursday, July 24, 2014, and ending Wednesday, September 24, 2014. The Final EIR was comprised of the full text of the Recirculated Draft EIR and subsequent changes, and included the information below.

  • Preface (Part I).
  • Comments and Responses to Comments received on the July 2014 Recirculated Draft EIR during the 60-day public comment period, including a list of persons, organizations, and public agencies that provided comments (Part II).
  • Revisions to the July 2014 Recirculated Draft EIR and any other information added to the EIR (Part III).
  • The Mitigation Monitoring Program (Part III, EIR Section 6.0).

Agency Contacts:

  -CSLC (Lead Agency): Eric Gillies, (916) 574-1897 or
  -City of Goleta: Anne Wells, (805) 961-7557 or
  -California Coastal Commission: Alison Dettmer, (415) 904-5205 or