Southern California Gas Company La Goleta Storage Field Enhancement Project

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The proposed project involved drilling four new wells for exploration and production of native gas at the existing La Goleta Storage Field. The produced native gas would be treated and placed into the SoCal Gas transmission pipeline system. The withdrawal of native gas would expand the existing gas storage capacity of 21.5 billion cubic feet by up to 3-5 billion cubic feet. The expanded capacity would provide for future increases in natural gas demand in the SoCal Gas service territory. The County Board of Supervisors Approved the project on June 25, 2013 and the California Coastal Commission certified amendments of the County’s Coastal Zoning Ordinance associated with the project on November 13, 2013. Construction began on the project in Fall of 2014.

While this project is not within the jurisdiction of the City of Goleta, City staff tracks the project to identify any issues that could affect City residents and resources.  Further information on the project may be found at the County's Southern California Gas Storage Enhancement Project webpage.