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130 and 132 Robin Hill Road Site Improvements

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130 and 132 Robin Hill Road Site Improvements

130 and 132 Robin Hill Road, Goleta

Case No. 15-107-DPRV

May 2017

Paul Poirier, of Paul Poirier and Associates, has requested approval of the 130 and 132 Robin Hill Road Site Improvements (Project) on behalf of Robin Hill Properties, LLC, property owner. The project description and location are provided below. The City has completed a Final Mitigated Negative Declaration (Final MND) for the Project. A Draft MND was released for 21-day public review from April 14, 2017 through May 4, 2017. 

Project Description:

The existing property includes two multi-tenant office buildings (130 Robin Hill Road and 132 Robin Hill Road) with associated parking, landscaping, and infrastructure improvements on a 3.01-acre lot in the M-RP Zone District. Total existing floor area of the two buildings is approximately 42,600 square feet. The proposed improvements/changes are summarized as follows:

  • Construct a 768 sq. ft. addition consisting of a new stair and elevator tower at 130 Robin Hill Road;
  • Construct a 314 sq. ft. addition at 132 Robin Hill Road;
  • Construct a new 1,100 sq. ft. accessory building at the southeast corner of the site (to be addressed 134 Robin Hill Road);
  • Demolish/remove the two existing shipping containers and the metal storage shed located near the southeast corner of the site (total square footage to be removed is 764 sq. ft.);
  • Improve the parking/circulation of the site with new paving, curb, sidewalks, site lighting, storm water management improvements and disabled access upgrades;
  • Add 34 additional parking spaces (resulting in a total of 134 parking spaces);
  • Modify the landscaping to include the removal of 8 existing trees (eucalyptus), addition of 47 new trees (such as Queen Palm, Naked Coral Tree, Pepperbark Tree, Water Gum), and the use of native, drought-tolerant ground cover and shrubs.

The total net additional building area will be approximately 1,418 sq. ft.. The proposed grading and drainage patterns are to remain similar to the existing conditions. Overall, the proposed project will increase building area and landscaping; however there will be a decrease in impervious surfaces through the use of permeable concrete paving and permeable concrete sidewalks.


The project is located within the Inland area of the City of Goleta at 130 and 132 Robin Hill Road (APN 073-050-015), which is a 3.01-acre lot in the M-RP Zone District.

Staff Contact:

Questions regarding the Final MND or the project and/or review process can be directed to Brian Hiefield, Associate Planner, at  Mr. Hiefield may be reached at 805-961-7559.