Cox Communications Headquarters Upgrade

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Cox Communications Headquarters Upgrade and New Critical Facility Project
22 South Fairview Avenue; APN: 71-021-01 and 71-021-44
Case No. 18-903-DPRV/MND

Cox Communications Development Plan Revision
CEQA Mitigated Negative Declaration 5/4/19 

Cox Communications has requested approval of a Development Plan Revision (18-093 DPRV) with modifications that would add a new critical facility building, remove two small buildings and make other various site improvements as detailed below: 

  1. Demolition of Buildings A (3,360 square feet) and B (4,124 square feet).  The uses within these buildings (office and warehouse use) would be relocated to an existing two-story Building C Headquarters (27,310 square feet). 

  2. Construction of an elevator on the south elevation of Building C Headquarters along with interior tenant improvements. The improvements to Building C Headquarters are to accommodate relocated uses from Buildings A & B and make the building accessible. Construction of a new single-story 6,519 square foot Critical Telecommunications Facility (Critical Facility) is also proposed. The new building is proposed in the southeastern portion of the site as shown on the site plan. 

  3. Installation of two new 750kw backup diesel generators in the existing utility yard located to the north of Building C Headquarters The two new generators will replace two of the three existing backup generators once the new Critical Facility is up and running. One of the existing backup generators will remain. 

  4. The project includes construction of a new exterior loading area at Building C Headquarters, a new parking lot design, landscape changes, extension of existing site masonry screen walls, and relocation of the existing vehicular and pedestrian security access gates and fencing currently located 135 feet east of South Fairview to a new position 70 feet from the roadway edge. A new card access island for the gate will also be located just inside the driveway entrance. 

In addition to the above listed construction improvements, Cox Communication has also requested the following modifications: 

  1. Height increase to 15 feet for structures located within the required setback to provide for the visual screening and sound attenuation for the new backup generators;

  2. New 8-foot-high masonry screen wall along the northeast property boundary; and

  3. Setback modification of the north property line associated with the placement of the backup generators enclosure to within 10 feet of the property line.

  4. A 1-foot perimeter landscaping planter width modification to allow the existing 4-foot wide perimeter planters to remain.

  5. A reduction of the landscape parking islands intervals requirement (from one for every 8 spaces to one for every 10 spaces) at the center of the project site.

  6. Allow the wrought iron security fencing height at the site entry abutting Fairview Avenue to exceed the 30-inch height limitation. 

The Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) (below) prepared for this project has been released for public review/comment period from 5/4/19 through 5/24/19. 


The project site is located at 22 South Fairview Avenue, north of Hollister Avenue and south of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and U.S. Highway 101 Rights-0f-Way.  The project is located on the existing Cox Communications Headquarters property adjacent to Old Town Goleta in the urbanized core of the community.  The project site is 2.43 acres in size on two Assessor Parcel Numbers (APN) 71-021-01 and 71-021-44. To the north of the site is the UPRR right-of-way and U.S. Highway 101. Access to the Project site is from the South Fairview Avenue cul-de-sac.

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Comments or questions regarding the project and/or review process can be directed to Mary Chang, Supervising Senior Planner, at or 805-961-7567.