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Kellogg Crossing (Formerly Schwan) Self-Storage Development Plan Amendment

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Kellogg Crossing (Formerly Schwan) Self-Storage Development Plan Amendment                               

10 South Kellogg Avenue, Goleta 

 Case No. 19-032-DPAM

Steve Welton on behalf of Self Storage Partners, LLC, property owner, has requested approval of amendments to the approved Kellogg Crossing Self-Storage Project.  The description of the proposed project changes and location are provided below. The City has completed Addendum No. 2 to the Schwan Self-Storage Mitigated Negative Declaration and Addendum No. 1 for this Amended Project.

Project Description:

The property currently contains a 4,400-square foot, two-story warehouse/office, an 875-square foot garage, and a 1,750-square foot carport. Since the approval of the original project in 2011 the project has gone through a series of changes as outlined in the table below.


Original Project (2011) (07-229-DP)

DP Revision (2017) (17-055-DP RV)

DP Amendment (2019) (19-032-DPAM)

Differences between 2017-2019 Project

Project Site Size

2.23 acres

2.06 acres

2.06 acres

No change

Building Coverage




0.99% increase

Landscape Coverage




1.43% increase

Residential Unit (Yes/No)




No Change

Number of Unit

685 units

863 Units

1,043 Units

180-unit increase

Creek Setback

50 feet

50 feet


25-foot increase

Grading Export


11,415 cubic yards

13,270 cubic yards

1,855 cubic yards


The new Property Owner/Applicant is now requesting a Development Plan Amendment (DPAM) to allow for an additional 326 gross square feet of building area and 2,738 net square feet of floor area, an additional 180 units, and other associated site changes. With the additional proposed square footage and changes to the interior layout, the number of units would increase to 1,043 storage units. The proposed project (“Amended Project”) includes the following elements:

  • Increase the building coverage from 33,094 sq. 33,574, a 480 SF increase including providing covered parking for three (3) of the parking spaces.
  • Gross square footage would increase from 135,741 SF to 136,067 SF.
  • Net square footage would increase from 126,669 SF to 129,407 SF, a 2,738 SF increase reflecting an increase in usable area.
  • Revise entry gate from a slide gate to a swing gate.
  • Increase landscaping from 21,259 SF to 21,563 SF, a 304 SF increase.
  • Reduce hardscape from 35,381 SF to 34,597 SF, a 784 SF decrease.
  • Grading onsite would increase from approximately 13,365 Cubic Yards (CY) of cut and 1,950 CY of fill to 13,970 CY of cut and 700 CY of fill.
  • Increase the Environmentally Sensitive Habitat buffer from 50' to 75' by modifying the east end of the site design.
  • Change to building design.


The Project site is located at 10 South Kellogg Avenue. The parcel is located at the north end of South Kellogg Avenue between the 101 Freeway and the Union Pacific Railroad in the City of Goleta (City). The project site is also identified as Assessor’s Parcel No. (APN) 071-090-082. The property encompasses a total of 2.06 acres. 

Upcoming Decisions:

The City of Goleta Planning and Environmental Review Director will make a decision on the adequacy of the Addendum and the merits of the proposed Amended Project on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 5:00 pm.  There is not public hearing, however anyone interested in this matter is invited to submit written comments regarding the proposed Development Plan Amendment. All letters should be addressed to Planning and Environmental Review, 130 Cremona Drive, Suite B, Goleta, CA 93117, attention: Joe Pearson.  Letters must be received by the City Planning and Environmental Review Department at least 24 hours prior to 5:00 PM on the action date of December 4, 2019.

Staff Contact:

For questions or comments, please contact the Planning Counter at 805-961-7543.