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Rancho Estates Mobile Home Park Fire Improvements Project

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June 13, 2017

Reference Numbers:

  • City CEQA Case Number: 16-EIR-01
  • City Case Number: 14-118-DP-CDP
  • State Clearinghouse Number 2016051057

The Goleta Mobile Home Park, LP has requested approval of the Rancho Estates Mobile Home Park Fire Improvements Project (Case NO. 14-118-DP-CDP).  The project description and location are provided below. The City has completed a Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR) for the Rancho Estates Mobile Home Park Fire Improvements Project (Project).

Project Description:

Note: After the Draft EIR was released, the applicant chose to remove the car wash facilities from the Project site, and use of the car wash area is no longer part of the proposal. All references to future use of the car wash area have been removed from the project description and the impact analysis.

The Project components include a Development Plan and Conceptual Coastal Development Permit to allow for the following:

  • Replacement of two existing fire hydrants at the mobile home park (one between Units #428 and #429 and another between Units #439 and #440), served by a fire line stub off of Sea Gull Drive.
  • Installation of a new fire hydrant near the pool, and another new fire hydrant near the hammerhead turnaround area for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department (Fire Department) at the south end of the mobile home park.
  • Installation of a new 8-inch fire line between the two replacement hydrants and the new hydrant near the pool.
  • Repaving an area in the southeast corner of the mobile home park to function as a hammerhead turnaround for the Fire Department; this was completed in late 2014, but is analyzed as part of this EIR because the environmental impacts from repaving this turnaround were not previously analyzed, and no permits were issued for this activity.
  • Installation of a 575-foot-long, 8-inch-diameter fire line along the north side of Devereux Creek to the new fire hydrant at the hammerhead turnaround area on the south end of the mobile home park site.
  • Construction of a 20-foot-wide all-weather emergency access road along the north side of Devereux Creek from the south terminus of Coronado Drive to the hammerhead turnaround.
  • Construction of a 270-foot-long, 3-foot-high retaining wall north of the emergency access road, 10 feet from the property line of the private residences. The wall would be constructed of Allan Block and backfilled with soil, sloping upward toward the residences.
  • Retain the pipe gates on the west end of the emergency access road, near Coronado Drive, and on the east end near the hammerhead turnaround, so that vehicular access would be limited to use by the Fire Department during emergencies. Access also would continue to be available to the Goleta West Sanitary District and Santa Barbara County Flood Control District in accordance with the terms of their existing easements for ingress and egress and for maintenance and flood control and drainage purposes, respectively. Additionally, the area would continue to be accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists.


The Project would be located in the City of Goleta (City) at Rancho Estates, 7465 Hollister Avenue (APN 079-210-058), and on undeveloped City-owned land located between the south end of Coronado Drive and Rancho Estates just north of Devereux Creek (APN 079-442-023). A paved hammerhead turnaround containing a water faucet and hose formerly was located at the south end of Rancho Estates, adjacent to undeveloped land and Devereux Creek, historically was used as a car wash area for residents. The entrance to Rancho Estates is via Hollister Avenue, and the emergency access road site can be accessed via Coronado Drive or Rancho Estates. The surrounding land uses include single family residential homes located north of the emergency access road and west of Rancho Estates, medium to high-density residential development east of the mobile home park, and protected open space used for passive recreational activities located immediately south, east, and west of the emergency access road and south of Rancho Estates. 

Upcoming Hearings:

The Planning Commission of the City of Goleta will conduct a public hearing to consider the adequacy of the Final EIR and the merits of the Proposed Project on Monday, June 26, 2017 at 6:00 pm.  The hearing will be held in the Goleta City Council Chambers located at 130 Cremona Drive, Suite B, Goleta, CA 93117.

Staff Contact:

Comments on the Final EIR and questions regarding the project and/or review process can be directed to Kathy Allen, Supervising Senior Planner, at or 805-961-7545.