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Ritz-Carlton Bacara Beach House Replacement

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Ritz-Carlton, Bacara Beach House Replacement and Demolition Project

8301 Hollister Avenue, Goleta; APN: 079-200-12 and  079-200-13
Case No. 16-002-DPAM/CDPAM/DRB
Posted Date: April 29, 2020

Ritz-Carlton, Bacara Hotel Beach House Replacement and Demolition Project
Final Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

Ginger Anderson of Stantec has requested approval of a Development Plan and Coastal Development Permit Amendments (16-002-DPAM/CDPAM/DRB) on behalf of Ritz-Carlton, Bacara, Santa Barbara Hotel, Watermark Capital Partners to replace the existing Beach House restroom and snack bar with new improvements.  The project description and location are provided below.  The City completed a Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (Draft MND) for the Project in March 2020 and circulated the document for public review between March 3, 2020 through April 1, 2020.  Public comments received have been incorporated into the Final MND.

Project Description

The existing Beach House building was compromised by winter storms and high tides in 2016.The project consists of the below described components that will replace the existing Beach House snack bar and restrooms facilities.  The new facilities have been designed and located to remain consistent with the existing hotel conditions of approval (Development Plan No. 86-DP-46 and Coastal Development Permit No. 96-CDP-078). The project includes:

  1. Construction of one new 325 square foot single-story building with four restrooms, a storage room, two exterior showers and drinking fountains. To construct the new restroom building, a 743 SF concrete pad, grading and trenching for utilities will be needed; a 65-foot long masonry retaining wall ranging in height up to a maximum of 3 feet is proposed;  and a 60-foot linear concrete drainage ditch and a 200 SF earthen stormwater infiltration basin will be constructed.
  2. Use of an electric food truck as a snack bar. A designated 15 x 30-foot parking space with utilities along the western side of the existing emergency turnaround is planned to support the food truck. If the food truck use is not implemented, the IS/MND analyzed an alternative building design option immediately south of the restroom building to accommodate a snack bar.
  3. Emergency access road adjustments include replacement of a 2,020 SF section of existing asphalt, the addition of 253 SF of asphalt to improve the turnaround capacity, and regrading of the earthen beach access ramp.
  4. Once the new facilities are open to the public:
    a.  The Beach House would be demolished, utilities removed, and the site graded and restored.
    b.  A new east-west segment of the existing public access trail/path with informational signs will be installed along the south edge of the former Beach House building footprint parallel to the ocean.
    c.  A movable fence will be installed along the shoreline terrace to accommodate future shoreline changes.
    d. The emergency shoreline protection revetment and sheeting placed by permit (16-002 EMP) will be removed


The project site is located at 8301 Hollister Avenue, in the City of Goleta (City) at the eastern city limits, on the south side of Hollister Avenue, approximately 0.6 miles west of the Highway 101 and Cathedral Oaks Road overpass ramps. The Assessor Parcel Numbers are APN 079-200-012 and -013 with the project site located entirely on parcel -013. 

Notice and Hearings: 

IN LIGHT OF THE CITY’S NEED TO HOLD PUBLIC MEETINGS ELECTRONICALLY AND TELEPHONICALLY DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, written  comments may be submitted as instructed above or via email to Deborah Lopez, City Clerk e-mail: or by electronic means during the Public Hearing (date and time noted above), provided they are received prior to the conclusion of the public comment portion of the Public Hearing. Instructions on how to submit written comments during the hearing will be available on the City’s website:

Staff Contact:

Comments or questions regarding the project and/or review process can be directed to Mary Chang at, 805-961-7567 or Lisa Prasse at, 805-961-7542.


Final Mitigated Negative Declaration (April 2020)