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Frequently Referred to Provisions

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The following are references to the City’ regulations and policies that are mostly commonly inquired about and/or used.  The Goleta Municipal Code (GMC) can be accessed on the front page of the City’s website and is available here. For those documents that are not contained in the GMC, links have been provided.  For assistance with planning inquiries and applications forms, please contact the Planning Counter at (805) 961-7543.


Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations

Sec. 17.41.030 of the GMC


a) Land Use Regulations

b) Business License Regulation

c) Priority List for Store Front Retail Establishments

Sec. 17.41.090 of GMC

Chapter 5.09 of GMC

Council Resolution #19-35

Design Review Regulations

Chapter 17.58 of GMC

Inclusionary Housing Requirements

Chapter 17.28 of the GMC

Outdoor Lighting Regulations

Chapter 17.35 of GMC

Sign Regulations

Chapter 17.40 of GMC

Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

Ordinance #16-04

Design Guidelines:

Architectural Standards for Commercial Projects

Council Resolution. #03-20

Goleta Old Town Heritage District Guidelines

Chapter 17.19

Small Cell Facilities Design and Development Standards

Administered by Public Works Director