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Permit and Administrative Procedures of Title 17

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The following are references to the City’s Permit and Administrative Procedures.  The Goleta Municipal Code (GMC) can be accessed on the front page of the City’s website and the sections noted below for the Permit and Administrative portion of Chapter 17 of the Goleta Municipal Code (GMC)  can be found here.   For assistance with planning inquires and applications, please contact the Planning Counter at (805) 961-7543.

Appeals (Sec. 17.51.110 of the GMC)

Coastal Development Permits (Chapter 17.61 of the GMC)

Common Procedures (Chapter 17.52 of GMC)

Conditional Use Permit (Chapter 17.57 of the GMC)

Design Review (Chapter 17.58 of the GMC)

Development Agreements (Chapter 17.65 of the GMC)

Development Plans (Chapter 17.59 of the GMC)

Emergency Permits (Chapter 17.64 of the GMC)

Exemptions (Chapter 17.53 of the GMC)

General Plan Amendments (Chapter 17.67 of the GMC)

Land Use Permit (Chapter 17.55 of the GMC)

Modifications (Chapter 17.62 of the GMC)

Reasonable Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities (Chapter 17.63 of the GMC)

Specific Plans (Chapter 17.68 of the GMC)

Temporary Use Permits (Chapter 17.56 of the GMC)

Variances (Chapter 17.60 of the GMC)

Zoning Clearance (Chapter 17.54 of the GMC)

Zoning Map and/or Zoning Regulation Amendments (Chapter 17.67 of the GMC)