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Stay at Home Recreation Activities

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Welcome to the City of Goleta’s Recreation Page. During our current COVID-19 Stay at Home Order, we are committed to providing you with a variety of virtual activities for families to engage.  There are ideas for crafts, exercise, games and more.  We will update this page each week with new ideas to keep your “stay at home” time full of family friendly recreation opportunities.   



Each week we will be issuing new scavenger hunts and activities! This week, the theme is "Sports". Color in THESE coloring pages and place them in your window so that others can see them. Then use THIS list to walk through your neighborhood and find ones that other people have colored! Click HERE for your scavenger guidelines



Channel Islands YMCA is offering online classes, including classes for kids! Visit their site HERE to view their selection and get your heartbeat up!

Core Power Yoga is offering free access to a wide range of weekly classes. Check them out HERE

Have fun with your fitness! The City of Goleta has created a fun way for your family to stay in shape together. Each week, we will be releasing new "Words of the Day" and you can use THIS Family Fun Fitness Flyer to spell out each word in exercise!

Summer Camps may look a little different this year, but they're still happening! Check out Parent Nooz's Activity Listing for local summer camps HERE!

GET CRAFTY has tons of free origami projects! Click HERE to get folding and create all kinds of fun origami art!

Want to make some egg carton daffodils? Or how about a dog picture made out of beans? Check out Free Kids Crafts HERE for these activities and more!



Go to the MetKids page at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to explore exhibits, learn about history, and get an inside look at one of the world's most famous museums! Click HERE to access the free fun, including the Rooftop Garden!

Go to the aquarium! Just up the road, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium has many live feed cameras that show you all kinds of different views. Visit the penguins, play with the otters, or be soothed by the jellyfish. Go HERE for more!

The Santa Barbara Natural History Museum has created a virtual museum to explore their various exhibits, and they've also listed out fun activities that can be done inside, outdoors, or online. Visit them HERE

Take a virtual tour of Yosemite National Park HERE or Yellowstone National Park HERE!

The National Audubon Society has TONS of virtual events and shows to get you through the Spring and Summer! For Upcoming Events, click HERE, and to watch the "I Saw A Bird" series, click HERE.



It's Springtime here in the Goodland, so why not start a garden?! We've created a Google Search that links you to all kinds of fun gardening ideas, bed layouts, seed suggestions, and more! Seeds, plant starters and dirt can be purchased online and delivered safely to your home. Click HERE to get started!


PBS has a great collection of educational games for kids of all ages to play. Click HERE to start the fun!

Scholastic has a wide variety of games, activities, puzzles, and more to keep the whole family entertained for hours. Visit their site HERE.

Play Stay-at-Home BINGO!!!