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Large Vehicle Parking Permit

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During this time of social distancing, permits will only be issued through the online portal. We will not be able to process permits at the City Hall counter. Additionally, please allow extra time to process your application. Thank you.

Welcome to the City of Goleta Oversized Vehicle Information Page. You will find useful information as it pertains to oversized vehicles and how to obtain a permit.

Large vehicle parking restrictions:
Restrictions on parking large vehicles on City streets can be found in Goleta Municipal Code Chapter 10.01, Article VII. Generally, no person may park or leave standing any large vehicle upon any street within a residential area or commercial area of the City between the hours of 7:30am and 4pm Monday through Friday.
These restrictions shall not apply on City recognized holidays.
A large vehicle is described as any vehicle which exceeds 25 feet in length, or exceeds 80 inches in width, or exceeds 82 inches in height. Note: Vehicles that are connected such as a motor vehicle and trailer that exceeds the 25 feet in length are included in this description.
A trailer shall mean any trailer, semitrailer, camp trailer (including tent trailers), unmounted campers, trailer coach, or fifth-wheel trailer.
The City of Goleta does not charge a fee to obtain a large vehicle permit. Permits can be obtained at City Hall between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  Online permits are processed during these same hours with 24 hours advanced notice.  Applications received after 4 p.m. on Thursday will be processed the following Monday.
Please note: For online permits, you must have the ability to print the permit after it is emailed to you, which must be placed on the left side windshield of the vehicle or affixed to the left front of the vehicle.
Large vehicle permits are available to residents to allow additional time for the loading and unloading and for out-of-town guests to park adjacent to the residents residence or business.
Each Large Vehicle permit covers two (2) specific periods of time, one for loading and one for unloading. The periods will not exceed three (3) consecutive calendar weekdays each and shall expire at 11:59 pm of the expiration date listed on the permit. A resident may receive a maximum of twelve (12) permits per calendar year.
For example: The first three day period would provide three days before you leave for your trip for vehicle loading and the second period would provide three days after you return for vehicle unloading. The periods can be separated as much as necessary to cover the length of your trip. This would constitute one permit.
For additional information, the Goleta Municipal Code is available for viewing at the City of Goleta website at Chapter 10.01, Article VII. Large Vehicle and Trailer Parking Restrictions.
At no time can the trailer, motorhome, or R.V. be used for habitation. See Chapter 10.01, Article VII, Section 10.01.330 F of the Goleta Municipal Code.
Extension cords and water hoses cannot be on or across any public sidewalk or public roadway.
Violations of this ordinance can result in a parking ticket of $79.50 for each violation. Any person who forges, alters, or counterfeits an oversized vehicle parking permit, or displays a forged, altered, or counterfeit oversized vehicle parking permit shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
Click here to see a list of exceptions relating to Large Vehicles.
If you have any additional questions regarding large vehicles or trailers, please call our Parking Enforcement Office at 805-562-5501 or report it through City Assist here.