Online Payments

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For all online payments:

1) Submit the application for the Permit/License/Reservation to the appropriate City of Goleta department.

2) Confirm approval with that same department.

3) A 5-digit reference number will be provided to you by that department. 
    For Business License Renewals only, use your current Business License Number. (You must send your Renewal Notice as well.)

4) Refer to your application for Payment Amount.

5)  Pay online: (see below for visual example)
          Acceptable payments are: Mastercard, Visa, or E-check.

 (If paying for a Business License Renewal, you must submit your signed Business License Renewals    to

6) A payment confirmation will be e-mailed to the applicant.

7) The charge on your credit/debit card statement will read as "City of Goleta Bill Payment"

**Please note: There is a $3.00 convenience fee for every $150.00 paid. The online process will automatically calculate the total convenience on top of the Dollar Amount Due. The dollar limit amount is $5,000.00 per payment. If your Amount Due is more than $5,000.00, make multiple payments until all payments add up to the Amount Due.

For any additional questions, please contact the appropriate department or click on the link :

Application/Permit Department Phone No. Type
Building Permit Building & Safety 805-961-7552 Permits
Business License Finance 805-961-7530 Business Licenses
Public Works Encroachment Permit Engineering 805-961-7575 Permits
Film Permit Public Works  805-968-6843 Permits
Park Reservation City Hall Reception 805-961-7500 Park Reservations
Planning Permit Planning Environmental & Review 805-961-7543 Planning Fees
Special Events Neighborhood Services & Public Safety 805-562-5505
Special Events
Other Finance 805-961-7530 Contact Finance


Visual Aids for the credit card process (must click on the link above):

Page 1: Customer Information

Credit Card Paymentus Screenshot - Step 1


Page 2: Account & Payment Information (Reference No. is needed on this page.)

Credit Card Paymentus Screenshot - Step 2



Page 3: Confirm Payment (Processing Fees will automatically be added.)

Credit Card Paymentus Screenshot - Step 3r