2019 CERT Exercise

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Every year, the Santa Barbara County CERT Collaborative comes together to put on a large exercise for volunteers to practice their skills.  Goleta is the lead agency for this year’s event and we need your help!

October 26th, 2019
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
27 S La Patera Lane, Goleta
Lunch is provided!

There are two ways to become involved with this drill, as a CERT Player or a Volunteer Victim.  CERT Players must be graduates of the CERT Basic Course.  Anyone is welcome to be a Volunteer Victim and will pretend to be a person affected by a disaster.  When registering, please select the correct "ticket".

CERT Players - Arrive at 9am.  If you are a graduate from any CERT program within Santa Barbara County, you are welcome to register as a Player.  You will be testing your skills as if this was a real-life emergency. Bring all CERT gear to the drill (helmet, vest, backpack, gloves, etc.). We will provide some equipment, but what you have is what you will use.

Volunteer Victims - Arrive at 9am.  You do NOT have to be a CERT graduate to be a Volunteer Victim. You will be playing the role of a victim of a disaster and will be given an "identity" to act out. The CERT participants will be rescuing you. Wear comfortable clothes that you do not care about - they may need to be thrown out afterwards. Service hours are available to all volunteer victims that need them.

To register to participate, please click here or go to CERTexercise2019.Eventbrite.com

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