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Cathedral Oaks Interim Cribwall Repair Project

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This project will design and construct permanent repairs to the Cathedral Oaks cribwall and associated slopes, road, shoulder and bikeway.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the project is to mitigate structural damage to the crib wall structure and backfill due to severe erosion from storm water related to intense winter storms experienced in January and February of 2017.  A combination of high intensity runoff, infiltration and migration of storm water has caused sink-holes, surface erosion of slopes and material loss through the face of the cribwall. Damage to the cribwall and supported slopes threatens the adjacent Cathedral Oaks Road and bikeway, resulting in a need to repair the damaged sections of cribwall and repair adjacent shoulder, road and bikeway. 

Strategic Plan Goal

Strengthen Infrastructure

Funding Sources

Funding for this project is proposed utilizing FHWA’s Emergency Restoration (ER) program and FEMA Disaster Relief (DR) funds.

Current Phase

Portions of the Cathedral Oaks Road shoulder and bikeway between Winchester Circle and Calle Real are currently closed due to damages sustained in the recent winter storms. Heavy rains and storm runoff have heavily damaged the slopes and 40’ high cribwalls supporting Cathedral Oaks Road and the adjacent bike path, prompting closure of portions of the road shoulder and associated bikeway and cordoning off areas of damage. Initial inspections have been completed by County and state emergency management officials, and the City’s engineers are monitoring both the road shoulder and slope conditions as further review is completed with state and federal officials. Pending a determination of the extents of damage, costs of repair, and available funding, this portion of Cathedral Oaks Road shoulder and bikeway will remain closed until further notice.  


Charles Ebeling, Public Works Director