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San Jose Creek Channel Emergency Repair Project

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This project will repair the storm damage that occurred with the San Jose Creek channel during the winter of 2016/17. The project will remove damaged concrete and other debris from the channel and in its place install rock protection along the damages channel bottom. As a result of the storm, both Federal and State Emergency Declarations were made, which allowed Staff to pursue FEMA funding to implement repairs.

Purpose and Need

A storm in February 2017 caused significant structural damage to a number of the Articulated Slope Revetment (ASR) mats installed on the bottom of the channel as part of the previously completed San Jose Creek Channel Capacity Improvement and Fish-Passage Project. The damaged Articulated Revetment mats were located in the upper reach of the San Jose Creek Channel. The previously completed (completed in 2015) San Jose Creek Channel Capacity Improvement and Fish-Passage Project improved the capacity of the San Jose Creek Channel to be able to accommodate 100 year flows event and to accommodate fish-passage. Repair of the storm damaged portion of the channel is critical to avoid flooding during subsequent winter storms and to allow continued fish-passage.

Strategic Plan Goals

Strengthen Infrastructure

Return Old Town to a Vital Center of the City

Funding Sources

Funding for this project is a combination of FEMA funding and General Funds. It is estimated that 75% of the cost of the project will be reimbursed through FEMA. There is also the possibility that the City’s 25% match may be partially reimbursed through CAL Office of Emergency Services (OES).

Current Phase

This project was completed in October 2017. 


Rosemarie Gaglione, P.E.