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Photo: Front of Stow House

In 2016-2017, the City of Goleta will be conducting a citywide historic resources survey. Working with a consultant team from Historic Resources Group, the project will consist of the creation of a comprehensive Citywide Historic Context Statement and a Citywide Historic Resources Survey to create an inventory of historic resources in the City. The context statement and survey will consider properties constructed through 1969.

The team will look at all property types – residential (single- and multi-family), commercial, industrial, and institutional (civic buildings, schools, social clubs, etc.) – and will evaluate properties for potential architectural, social, and cultural significance. The team will be conducting outreach throughout the project, both to keep the community apprised of the project status and to solicit input on potentially significant properties and neighborhoods.

Click here to see a list of existing structures that the City has found important and will be looked at during the process.

Further details about the project workshops are available here.