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Historic Context Statement

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Photo: Front of Stow House

Revised Context Statement:   February, 2019
February 13, 2019 - Following comments from the Planning Commission on January 28, 2019, minor revisions were made to the Revised Context Statement.  The final version is now available and will be submitted to the City Council on Tuesday, February 19th at 6pm.

  • Revised Context Statement - February 2019 (19.7mb)
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Revised Context Statement:  January, 2019
January 8, 2019 - The Revised Citywide Goleta Historic Context Statement is now available for review.  On March 12, 2018, the Planning Commission provided input on the draft Context Statement.  The Planning Commission directed that revisions and additional information, where possible, be included in the revised Context Statement.  The additional information/revisions requested by the Planning Commission included: 

• Expansion on topics such as the Santa Barbara Airport, the electronics/aerospace industries, immigrant communities, and influential local women;
• Expansion of the Native American/archaeological chapter to include stories and reflections from the Barbareno Band of Chumash Indians (BBCI), particularly about people and places;
• Removal of subjective language; and
• Recognition of the City’s adopted Urban Forest Management Plan.     

Revisions have been incorporated into the revised document.  In addition, staff and the consultants have worked closely with the Barbareno Band of Chumash Indians and individuals who have interest in the Native American/archaeological portion to augment the Context Statement.  

Lastly, on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 6:00 pm, the revised Historic Preservation Context Statement will be presented to the Planning Commission for their input.  A meeting notification will be sent to all subscribers of the Historic Preservation List when the agenda is available for the January 28 meeting.  If you are not subscribed, please sign up here

Questions regarding the Revised Context Statement and the overall project can be directed to Current Planning Manager Lisa Prasse at or 805-961-7542.  

  • Revised Context Statement - January, 2019  (16mb)
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Context Statement
On Monday, March 12, 2018 at 6:00 pm, the Historic Preservation Context Statement (all three chapters together) was presented to the Planning Commission for their input before the document is presented to the City Council.   Based on the comments received during the fall workshops, the Context Statement has been revised as appropriate to incorporate information that corrects factual errors, and clarifies or supplements the information within the chapters.  The City Council was tentatively scheduled to review the Context Statement at their March 20, 2018 meeting but this date will be rescheduled to a later date.

Tree and Landscape Study
The third aspect of the draft Goleta Citywide Historic  Context Statement, the Tree and Landscape Study, is now available for public input.  The purpose of the Context Statement is to highlight trends and patterns critical to understanding how development has occurred in Goleta.  The City has chosen its Context Statement to not only be based upon the built resources, but also archaeological/Native American resources and tree and landscape resources as well.  Comments may be submitted in writing to Lisa Prasse, Current Planning Manager, at Public comments on the Tree and Landscape Study should be received by Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 5:30 pm.  This is the same deadline as for comments for the archaeological resource portion of the Context Statement. 

The Tree and Landscape Study was presented to the Public Tree Advisory Commission for comments at their meeting on Wednesday, November 29th.