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Field Work

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The team from Historic Resources Group has been hard at work out in the field identifying buildings in Goleta that have some sort of significance (i.e. architectural, social or cultural).  Below is an update.


 150 Orange Ave       235 Saratoga Ave

Beck House_Humane Society        Cambridge Dr Community Church

Clockwise from top left: 150 Orange Avenue; 235 Saratoga Avenue, El Encanto Heights; Beck House (now Santa Barbara Humane Society), 5399 Overpass Road; Cambridge Drive Community Church, 550 Cambridge Drive. Source: Historic Resources Group

The project team has completed the initial windshield survey of the City. The windshield survey will be used to inform the development of the historic context statement, and is one of the first steps in identifying properties and neighborhoods for study as part of the historic resources survey. Aided by a map of the city illustrating development by decade, existing information in the city’s files about potential historic resources, and additional research, the project team drove every street in Goleta to look at general development patterns and the types of potentially historic properties in the city. During this process the team compiled a study list of properties and neighborhoods that may be historically significant. Many of Goleta’s oldest buildings are located downtown, along and north of Hollister Avenue between Fairview and Patterson Avenues. There are also buildings from early periods of development scattered throughout the city, representing remnants of Goleta’s vibrant agricultural character. During the post-World War II period, Goleta witnessed the subdivision and subsequent development of several housing tracts, including, Kellogg Park (1955), El Encanto Heights (1957-1959), and Holiday Park (1957-1958).