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Photos of Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park

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See photos of this amazing park from construction up through the opening celebration!

OPENING CELEBRATION (during and beforehand)

March 30, 2019 

JDW Park Opening_IMG_9387  JDW Park Opening_IMG_9380

JDW Park Opening_IMG_9577 JDW Park Opening_IMG_9388

JDW Park Opening IMG_9242 JDW Park Opening IMG_9241

JDW Park Opening IMG_9252 JDW Park Opening IMG_9328


January 10, 2019

Jonny D. Wallis Park_playground2   Jonny D. Wallis Park_playgound1

Jonny D. Wallis Park_playground4   Jonny D. Wallis Park_playground3

Jonny D. Wallis Park_ping pong 

November 2, 2018

Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park_construction1   Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park_construction2

Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park_construction3   Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park_construction5

May 29, 2018 - Groundbreaking

Old Town Park Groundbreaking Group Photo   Old Town Park Sign & Shovels