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Reclaimed Water to Bella Vista Park Project

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This project will install a reclaimed water meter in the City right-of-way, install reclaimed water piping to the park, and potentially install a reverse osmosis or ultraviolet disinfection system to provide reclaimed water to Bella Vista Park. 

Purpose and Need

Due to the drought, using potable water for parks and open spaces is not a viable option. The Goleta Sanitary District processes reclaimed water that is resold though the Goleta Water District. The City needs to connect to an existing reclaimed water line and install a meter, piping and filtration system to use the reclaimed water at the park 

Strategic Plan Goals

Preserve and enhance the quality of life in Goleta. 

Funding Sources

This project is funded through developer agreements. 

Current Phase

The project is in the preliminary engineering stage.


JoAnne Plummer